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Yali Capkini Episode 58 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini 58 Fictional scenario
Yali Capkini Episode 58 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Fictional scenario

The problem with those who claim to support strong women and gender equality is that they themselves execute women if they behave similarly to men in love. 

Everyone admired Ferit's sacrifices, struggle and even humiliation of himself for Seyran at the end of the first season.

Now these people criticize Seyran when she does part of that and call her a lack of dignity

Although she is now making sacrifices and is not waiting to gain anything or return to Ferit 

She does it for her love for him, not for his recapture. 

Doesn't a woman have the right to fight for her love?

So where is the equality they pay lip service to?

The goal is that Seyran will be put to the test of her contradictory words 

She said in the interview to the girls that they do not look at love and how handsome and rich a person is, but how good it is and they can get along with each other

She told Ferit and swore that she 

You won't say the word I love you to anyone else, and you won't be for anyone else. 

She will try with Akin as it matches the specifications you want with Ferit .

Episode 57 combines the following parallels:

1. Ferit & Suna & Abidin

Episode 7 Suna's Lost Dreams with Ferit and Her Jealousy of Seyran


Episode 57 Suna's hallucinations and dreams of marrying Ferit are renewed.

2. Seyran & Ferit 

Episode 17 The meeting of Efeh and Ciran & the confrontation of Ferit and Serter for Pelin 


Episode 57 Seyran and Akin meet at the restaurant & Ferit and Serter face off for Pelin .

3. Kazim & Seyran 

Episode 27 Kazim's decision to divorce Ferit and arrange her marriage to Tarik


Episode 57 Kazim's decision to Seyran to divorce Ferit and set an acquaintance meeting to marry Akin.

4. Orhan & Kazim

Episode 37 Confronting Orhan and Kazim and the Death Threat


Episode 57 The trap of Kazim and Akash for Orhan in prison 

5.The appearance of Pelin between lies and truth

Episode 47 The Appearance of Ferit's False Pelin Pregnancy for Everyone


Episode 57 The reality of Pelin's pregnancy from Serter is revealed to everyone.

The fact of pregnancy at the beginning of 58 with certainty 

But by the end of 57, Pelin will be questioned about the pregnancy in front of everyone. 

I mean, similar to her entering the palace in front of everyone in episode 47 and she claims that the pregnancy is from Ferit , the scene will be parallel but her exit from the palace and everyone doubts the paternity of her child.

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