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Yali Capkini Episode 58 Watch the manners and upbringing of Seyran

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Watch the manners and upbringing of Seyran

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Watch the manners and upbringing of Seyran
Yali Capkini Episode 58 Watch the manners and upbringing of Seyran

Seyran, her immaculate high morals and character development 💎

Trapped in the middle of the Serter Pelin Ferit conflict, her first reaction to what Serter said was baiting her lips - shame.

Uncomfortable and hurt with Pelin claims trying to prove her innocence, but that doesn’t distract her from putting aside her feelings and going for a mature approach.

The look she gave to Serter screaming about this girl honour in the middle of the street and in front of everyone, she reproached him his behaviour.

At that time she didn’t see Pelin for who she is, she saw a pregnant woman in need, no matter what kind of life she led or what kind of choices she took in her life, no one has the right to disgrace her that way or force into anything.

When it’s about women empowerment and altruism, for Seyran it comes natural.

Later, she draws her boundaries again and make her position clear, helping her in time of need was a pure act of kindness and righteousness but she is not dismissing her own feeling forever and that doesn’t change anything in the issue between them.

During this whole situation she was able to keep a clear head and beside trying to do the right thing towards Pelin, she was worried about Ferit and his outburst of anger, guiding him and preventing him from any eventual guilt and regret, she persistently asked him to keep his calm and not to act impulsively, she reminded him of the consequences - it doesn’t matter to whom belongs that baby if things turns wrong he would forever blame himself anyway.

Ferit was self absorbed, thinking only about himself, Seyran, his marriage, the costs of this lie but she helped him embrace more responsible and thoughtful approach.

With how things developed, if there is one person who saved Ferit from an eternal life of torment and guilt, it’s Seyran.

Seyran is overall a patient person, her high emotional intelligence grants her to effectively navigate though social situations with empathy and tact while recognising and managing her own emotions, she is also, like everyone else not perfect and when pushed too much she explodes and she is better placed to know the consequences of an impulsive decision when her anger got the best of her, she learned the lessons and she is showing a character growth and self reflection, all while staying true to herself.

In this whole Pelin/baby situation SeyFer cleared themselves (with Seyran’s help), and despite everything they did the right thing towards Pelin until the last minute.

The scene of the car Seyran and Ferit

The beauty of this scene 🤍✨

SeyFer were opening up, they were saying things they have already said, but the difference is that now the noise around them is quieter, and they are able to hear each other.

And most importantly, Seyran had time to process her anger and Ferit to face his fears.

⁃What’s been said and not spoken 

They start by Ferit apologising for her witnessing all of this, acknowledging how painful the whole situation is for her and she goes for a mature approach, leaving her feelings aside advising him not to act reckless to handle this with composure so he won’t make mistakes that he may regrets later, despite her feelings she was genuinely guiding Ferit towards the right path, like always, forever his compass.

And he explains with regret the reason of his anger, it’s not about the possibility that the baby may not be his, but about the costs, this lie costed him his home and broke his marriage.

“My nest/home is broken because of this…” 

And she says; 

📌 “We didn’t break up because you’re becoming a father, but because you cheated on me and constantly lied to me.”

Ferit experiencing fatherhood with Pelin (or anyone else) is with no doubt painful for Seyran, and that’s why she is angry being caught in the middle of this argument, feels uncomfortable and hurt when Pelin is insisting “this is our baby” but that’s not the ultimate reason why she left him. 

Seyran is not reacting to the trigger but to the source, she knows their issue is beyond Pelin and her baby, their issue is them / Ferit, his deeds, the choices he made, the lies, all of it, why she precised to Ferit “the girl is sure of herself…” 

And she explains;

📌 “My loyalty to you started since the day I signed those papers in Antep, but yours started much later Ferit…”

Seyran tells Ferit their story and how they started, maybe they both were forced to marriage and despite knowing that he is maybe not interested in her and it’s all fake, she still respected their union from the beginning, but he didn’t, he made the choice not to (and that’s a fact) she is not blaming him for the past, even though it hurts, but that’s how they started and these are the consequences. 

The issue here, and why she feels betrayed, is when that “much later” started.

What she believed and what she ended up knowing.

Seyran acknowledges that “later” Ferit did change, he became true to their union.

She believed in that already before ep 19, that’s what she told Halis after kicking Pelin out from the Yali, “this girl is my husband ex girlfriend, when we got married they were still together, but let me be honest, they broke up later…” 

Seyran believed Ferit and Pelin already broke up and after the hospital scene she trusted Ferit was only trying to help her and nothing more and that’s how she took Ferit defence in front of Halis. 

When she met with Pelin next day she told her “when you called me to come to the airport to stop him for leaving, you have already lost him Pelin…” she talked about her feelings for Ferit and his feelings for her how bothe they can’t leave each other anymore: ep 13 and ep 14, they both left, they both run to each to stop the other from leaving, and they both end up going back for and to the other.

and she continues with;

📌 “I believed in your love with all my heart and soul, I trusted you…”

After all of that, she saw his change, she saw his efforts and struggles, it was not easy and they went through a lot but she ended up believing in him and in his love, how they started, didn’t matter anymore, it became a past, she turned the page and trusted him.

📌 “If you didn’t break that trust inside of me, I would’ve fought everything and everyone Ferit, for both of us…”

Things she already did in ep 20 because of what she believed - Suna told Ferit “I know Seyran she could’ve left but she didn’t, she took care of you and your marriage”, despite their issues at that time and despite them not confessing their love still, she fought for them, why she didn’t ask him in ep 21 if he loves her, but she asked him to prove it to her, she already knew. (Next day when she told Suna that he told her “I love you” Suna said but we all know that and Seyran said yes, but at least he said it now…)

Ferit deep down didn’t doubt in the Seyran he knows nor in her love for him, he believed she may accept the child and that she would show understanding and support but his fear took the best of him, and that’s exactly what she was telling him, if things happened differently she would have fought for them, but…

📌 “But when that girl came my trust was broken…”

The scene where she sees Pelin pregnant in her house, her shock, was like a bullet in the heart. 

she was deeply hurt and felt betrayed, she started questioning everything, “their second marriage, their first marriage, when did he start talking to her to her again or if he ever stopped, when and how this baby was conceived if he was true to her, when did he know, if he knew when they were making dreams to have children together, why did he bring her to their home if he was afraid of losing her, if he cares about her, why he still took the risk and sacrificed her instead…” 

Seyran was completely devastated and heartbroken and her trust was shattered, everything she believed in seemed to be a lie, and all the answers he gave to her were not enough and came a bit too late.

📌 “And at that time I started doubting your love for me Ferit…”

She didn’t recognise him anymore, to trust him or in his love.

⁃I love the look he gave her when she said she doubts his love.

Realising the extent of her wounds and what all of this has costed him. If there is something he fears a part from losing her, is her not believing in his love anymore. 

That’s all he ever had and that was his only he could remind her of when he was asking for forgiveness.

📌 “I left because I didn’t trust you Ferit, not because I didn’t love you…”

She didn’t leave him to punish him for becoming a father with someone else, even though it hurts her, but the child was innocent in all this, she didn’t make him choose, she can’t make him choose, but she couldn’t trust him anymore to stay.

📌 “Seyran, do you think it’s possible that I don’t love you? If there is something like that you would’ve understood Seyran, when you look at me, when I hug you, you didn’t see my fear and struggle at all? If a person doesn’t love someone why would he fear losing him so much? I have never in my whole life feared losing someone that much Seyran, I have never felt this much helpless Seyran, I swear to you… 

When you look into my eyes don’t you see this Seyran?”

Ferit was ensuring Seyran again about his feelings for her, and why he was paralysed by fear, things he told her before too but now she is able to listen.

It was all because of his great love for her, he knew this will hurt her and he was so afraid of losing, he never chose this, he was struggling, desperate and helpless, trying to find a way out or to put some order before he tells her the truth, thinking maybe it can save him but it was too late.

He was frustrated, hurt and in rage but he never gave up on her, with everything happening, Halis tyranny and Pelin pushing, he completely lost control over the situation and he knew he couldn’t win her back before putting some order in his life, and that’s where he starts seeking his independence, his motive was always Seyran.

The reason he was rushing with his collection and making his own brand, he was patient with Pelin staying at the Yali -temporary- because he had no other choice, but he was making everything in his power to get control over his life and to be able to provide the assistance he needs to provide to his child and be able to set his boundaries and save his marriage.

After Seyran interview, his plans got delayed and complicated but his goal did not change, he just needed to hide his game and motives.

Everyone warned him of the costs and he took the risk but what he feared the most is Seyran really believing that and him losing her for good.

That’s why when she tells him she started doubting his love, it hit him, it was his moment of realisation, he was terrified that he lost her faith in him forever, and he asks her if she sees in his eyes… And when she doesn’t answer he insists.

Sad and worried that this whole mess and his games made her really believe he gave up on her and he doesn’t love her, he can’t leave her in doubt, and he can’t live with her doubt, so he confesses his love for her again; there is nothing he fears more than a life without her, and despite everything he will never let go, he won’t rest until he has her by his side.

📌 “Look into my eyes Seyran,

Do you see it now? What my eyes tell…? Can you feel it? How much I feared a world you don’t exist in it… Can you see it clearly now?

Look closely Seyran…

No matter what, and whatever we could endure and go through, these eyes won’t close until you are by my side…”

Seyran was surprised, happy and hopeful again after his words, she was reassured but she couldn’t give him an answer because yes she may have seen his struggle and without knowing she was trying to be supportive but she was still left in the dark.

She also saw his cold side, -his playmaker side- the one who tricked her and the one who bought a balloon from her to give to another woman, that’s why she mentions it later to Eve saying “I’m still officially married I can’t meet with another guy, or what will be the difference between me and Ferit.”

She still needs answers.

SeyFer are in a calmer spot, they both sees that no matter what they will always be there for each other, despite their issues they will always run to help the other, and there’s no other proof of how genuine their feelings for each other are.

Ferit sees now that all his fears were for nothing, for despite separation, she is there for him, to help and guide him and to show support and he sees the importance of giving her space and time to process her emotions, and that even if it’s coming from good intention pushing too much may cause the opposite.

SeyFer need and will confront each other with all their doubts and fears, but for now it’s a start… ❤️‍🔥.

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