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Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Halis Ask Seyran Back to the Palace

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Halis Ask Seyran Back to the Palace

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Halis Ask Seyran Back to the Palace
Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Halis Ask Seyran Back to the Palace

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Halis Ask Seyran Back to the Palace

Seyran supports Ferit not because he lost his mistress, but because Ferit is living the biggest crisis of his life. 

It's enough that he was among the reasons for his brother's death

How can he bear a new burden of this weight? 

Seran knows very well that Ferit will collapse and that she is the only person possible to relieve him.

In addition, she loves him and naturally fears and grieves for him.

We are in episode 58 and still many people cant understand the characters 

I don't understand its background and development 

All their focus is on one side and with a very narrow eye.

Try to deepen and widen your outlook, this will be very useful to you in life.

Before I disappear, it's important to talk about a very important point.

Who blame Ferit for his fear for Pelin and the child and for Seyran's support for him for this reason, believe me you don't understand the characters or the story and need awareness and maturity to judge such situations in your life 

Do you think someone like Ferit with all his psychological cliché does not blame himself?

And he doesn't blame himself for all that is happening and he doesn't resort to flogging himself and its punishment

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Watch the manners and upbringing of Seyran

How can a person like Ferit after all that he has lived recently not be sad about the loss of a child, this is the biggest shock and it was very expected that he would collapse psychologically and nervously because of it and could even enter a state of great psychological disorder 

This changed his other problems and circumstances.

Ferit will live two double shocks, the loss of the child that he thinks is his son, and even if he appears, his son will blame himself for the situation that Pelin has reached, and the death of her child in his belief that he is the cause + in addition to the issue of Akin and Seyran Kazim will not stop at a certain point, he will do what he can to marry her, and from him if Ferit knows, he will live the pain of loss.

Apart from the fact that the first marriage of the ambassador is a fake marriage

If we think of the logic of walking sincerity in marriage not only avoiding a physical relationship 

All lies are betrayal that you meet a strange man and defend him in front of your husband betrayal

That you lie to your husband and go with his enemy to a certain place behind him, betrayal

That you reveal your husband's secrets is betrayal

(Of course I'm not excluding Ferit .) 

Seyran and after she knew about Pelin's pregnancy she did not mention their previous marriage or even betrayal because she knows very well that their agreement from the first night was the presence of Pelin in their lives in exchange for their formal marriage

And she knew that Ferit , whom she sent over and over again, to Pelin's, wasn't going to play chess.

All her reproach was lying beginning with their second marriage. 

Betrayal is a unique lie and constantly hiding Pelin's pregnancy, + hiding it in the palace

Whatever his reasons, this is his fault, and this is his betrayal.

Other than that the story of their first marriage does not apply to the rules of real marriage

Seyran chose and agreed to the terms

And take responsibility for its decision

Ferit and Pelin are also wrong and take responsibility for this decision.

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