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Yali Capkini Episode 59 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 59 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 59 English Subtitles
Yali Capkini Episode 59 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 59 With English Subtitles

Yali Capkini 57. "It was one of the few good episodes of the season," says Esra Enjoyable reading 

I was surprised that Ferit, who had been written for weeks on the exaggerated extreme, almost with hatred, was not written with so much hatred this week. They need to remember that the main man is not the main antagonist.

Ferit, who wanted to tell a completely different story after receiving the rematch of Seyran's television interview, created disappointment and anger in the audience with his attitude in this way, and Seyran built a wall between him and the audience, as he did to Ferit, and pushed us out in a way that we could not observe his soul. SeyFer, who inevitably came close to each other with the series of events triggered by Kazım and Orhan, gradually began to face her feelings. The feelings that started with pity and compassion in the last 2 weeks started to take shape slowly this week.Yali Capkini Episode 59

Sakinleştirici güç!

Seyran has more power over Ferit than anyone else. Seyran is able to calm Ferit down. Ferit, who is about to lose control with the possibility that what he has experienced may be for nothing, can remain calm thanks to Seyran. Ferit, who went as far as his anger to disgrace Seyran and erased his moral codes, which progressed step by step with his decision to become the old Ferit, enters his orbit again with Seyran's intervention.Yali Capkini Episode 59 English

Which nest is Ferit? Is it the first nest that adults have built forcibly and built with lies, or is it the second nest that has been hastily built for fear of losing? Maybe you need to demolish it completely in order to rebuild it, what do you think?

And it may be that after all the mistakes Ferit has made, it needs to be completely demolished in order for Hattuç to turn into the stagnant sea he is talking about. Ferit, who has learned from his mistakes that we have expected from the very beginning, and who is attentive, thoughtful and has established moral codes, should not be a dream...

It takes two birds to rebuild the nest. It takes perseverance, patience, care and loyalty! The biggest handicap of this relationship: loyalty. Does the mere fact that you desire Seyran explain why you don't distance yourself from other women?

Although the SeyFer dialogue in the car is actually clear and finely written, it does not have a content that can be exaggerated. But the viewer suffers from a lack of dialogue based on almost deliberate miscommunication between Seyfer and Seyfer that it has created an oasis in the desert.

With the dialogue in the car;

Seyran said that he was the beginning of his fidelity and with his emphasis on the signature, he stated that without a formal divorce, he would not have had anything with anyone else and that he would not accept what Ferit did despite the signature.

Although he seems to have accepted Ferit's departure to Pelin from the very beginning, he stated that he thinks that there was no unity in Ferit's departure to Pelin. In other words, Seyran expected loyalty from Ferit from the very beginning.Yali Capkini 59 English

He made it clear that deception and the lies Ferit told were the reason for his abandonment. The child is not the problem, the problem of deception and lies.

Ferit is guilty of the infidelity and could not answer, but he explained his reason for the lies he told: fear. And he turned the mirror to Seyran: "Didn't you feel that I was afraid?"

Seyran emphasized trust, which was the point where Ferit disappointed Seyran the most every time.

One of my favorite details in this dialogue was that Ferit trusted the love between them through feelings. For me, it was the simplest and most subtle expression of being one and the trust they had in the love they had. Saying 'If I didn't love you, you would understand' is a subtle statement that one would not expect from Ferit Korhan.

Afterwards, Ferit remained naked again in front of Seyran and allowed him to read his fear in Seyran's eyes. Would Seyran have softened if he had shown it to her from the beginning instead of waiting for her to see it? Or did the veil of anger have to be lifted for Seyran to see Ferit?

The phrase "These eyes will not close without you by my side" was perceived as death, but I took it in relation to Ferit's previous statement about fear, meaning that Seyransiz was scared and would never feel safe. Just like a lonely child...

And Seyran? Did the passing of his anger cause his emotions to come to light, or did Seyran also lose to Ferit? Can you fall in love with a man you don't trust, Seyran?

Can you ignore the love of a man you don't trust and move on? Or do you put aside your own pain and mobilize yourself for it? Can you ignore the subject of your crush?

What do you think the current Ferit, who lost Seyran due to his mistakes, would say to him if he met Ferit, the loose playboy who doesn't take life seriously, as he was before he met Seyran?

Or what would the current Ferit say to Ferit, who had just realized that he was in love with Seyran? In other words, did this finally cause a change in Ferit? Or is there still nothing he has learned from his experiences?

Will Ferit burn himself out as a result of the chain reactions caused by his own mistakes? Will Ferit , who we have been saying for weeks that he has sunk to the bottom, really collapse with the blow dealt by the lies told to him? What about Seyran and his light? See.Yali Capkini Ep 59 English

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