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Yali Capkini Episode 59 Expectations and Analysis

Yali capkini episode 59 expectations and analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 59 Expectations and Analysis
Yali Capkini Episode 59 Expectations and Analysis

Yali capkini episode 59 expectations and analysis

How many important points would I like to talk about: 😍

* Suna must come when she wakes up from what she is in whether the time is long or short of course and she will realize what she is doing or doing but the fear is that the topic will be longer than this The Orient is that Kaya knew the subject, Suna is hard for you to sympathize with her and this is with conditions but we don't think to say that she is right or support her and the one who sympathizes understands the conditions of psychological sympathy first towards a troubled woman like Suna knowing that all will be treated and she is sure smoke and she must take the result of her actions I need to provide it, 

but Suna will be standing by Seyran and supported the relationship of the Seyfer in this way because she is afraid to return to Gaziantep and has a horror to live in it again, so she did all this for this reason, and this is very likely, of course, with her right not being digested, that she certainly loves her sister, but she is troubled ..! 

* We go back to say that there is not a single character in the series who is not troubled from the beginning Ferit , going to the rest of the series crew and always every once in a while the writer must give you a past or a situation that makes you sympathize with one of them and this is what the doctor insists on reaching I mean, since it will bring you something that makes you sympathize with Suna a lot, troubled and satisfactory, and it is not possible to imitate them or take them as an example, we, uh, encourage a nice attitude, we say good for the right behavior, but this way he will not go out outside ..! 

* who are annoyed by Pelin i feel very sorry for her she lost herself because of her love and i don't think she needs to be held accountable for her actions because Ferit participated with her in these actions and allowed this to happen she is also oppressed and a victim of Ferit as she is a victim of herself The people who still see that they need to be held accountable, I think that there is mercy in our hearts for that, enough for what they are in and what they went through, if they are still going to live, especially since they are troubled and have a special troma for Ferit, so this is enough ..! 

* I am sorry for what I will say and I know that the scenes of Ferit and Sayran are butterflies for you but I don't like it and I don't see it good because they are still troubled and sick and this is not solved And all that happened was anger from each one towards the other and when the love disappeared it appeared again And there was strong support. This is nice, but we are still at the root of the problem, I swear to God, we didn't get out of it at all (Ferit and Seyran in front of them the palace + Nevera + Kazim + Suna 

but the writer walked it to get angry so I took revenge and Ferit returned the revenge, His father tried to kill her father, so she took his right and walked her to a draw, but I will remind you again that this is not right, and there is a point here that is not correct, but he told you that their anger is gone and it is over, so love exists and the basis, the point that Ferit defends Pelin and cries for her We grew up and we are supposed to understand that Ferit cried and did this to him and he has the full right ..! 

Ferit problem will happen because of it a big problem First the writer is somewhat illogical here and if Mert really refused to add scenes with Nevera this affected the story very much originally it is unbelievable from three meetings of them only once a little closeness happened the girl is in love with Ferit and collapsed like this They had to adjust it, but as I said, this is a matter of Parish, so even if it is not logical, Ferit , he also made a mistake and entered his life and got close to her and borrowed money and suddenly decided to avoid her, as she is like what I told her another face and she will not be silent and will really try to hurt him ..! 

There is a very important point that I noticed and they considered it an expectation: 

Someone said to Halis in the advertisement when he saved Orhan we were enemies all our lives and we didn't believe that we would be friends so what if this is a relative Nevera my loved ones and Halis then will stand in the face of Ferit to fix his mistake and because he is afraid of this enmity which ends marriage completely 😆

That's why I said the relationship between Ferit and Seyran now despite love and support and butterflies is not logical and I don't think it will continue in this way now especially in the presence of Akin too Let us say that the writer can cancel all this for the sake of the eyes of the seyfer but I don't think it goes in another 😬😂❤️ order

I expect the next line of events about (Akin Seyran Suna Ferit) in case Seyran played the plan with Akin so that Kazim would stop hurting Orhan in the case of Halis what he could see. It will be parallel to the episodes of the past Ramadan, which is the scene of the confrontation in the gym, but it will be the opposite, 

Ferit who will ask Seyran about Akin's story and marriage and also parallel to the scene of Seyran when she told Ferit the second time to bring Pelin to the palace and the topic how it affected her from her first appearance but it will be the opposite with Ferit in the story of Tarik And that again he will be put in the same situation And of course Suna was a supporter of Seyfer but now it happens the opposite She was objecting to their divorce but now she will support Seyran's marriage and she can convince Ferit that Seyran really passed her and is serious about it and this plays a role in case it coincides with Suna's thinking about separating Kaya, 

And also affects Suna's psychological situation regarding Ferit, and of course, after Matsker the story of Pelin and the child, and the shock of Akin and Seyran , his wife still divorced her, it will be difficult and strong for Ferit, and if Barish walks in the same footsteps, he can open the story of Sultan in the text as well, because Sultan's story opened in Ramadan episodes, when she threatened Ferit with Abdeen imprisonment, and a scene when Pelin entered the whole room, Barish's mozayat, I expect him to walk by.

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