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Yali Capkini Episode 58 The strongest analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 58 The strongest analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 58 The strongest analysis
Yali Capkini Episode 58 The strongest analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 58 The strongest analysis

Ferit-Pelin-Seyran. How did Pelin search for everything that happened to herself?

1 - / Pelin hatches a plan against Ferit, puts the girl in his room, so that he would have to be FORCED to marry her, because all these years he never wanted to…⬇️

2 - / the plan works, thinking that a wife would be the solution to Ferit's lack of responsibility, Halis forces him to get married. But different from what P thinks, H wants a girl from Antep. H was right on that point, after all, F met women from NY and Istanbul and never…

changed, never fell in love, so it wouldn't be now either. 

3 - / Ferit tells Pelin, and this is a very important point. At the end of s1 Ferit faced the world for Seyran, including his family and grandfather. But when he was forced to get married and separate from Pelin, he did no.

Pelin accepts the situation because for her, marriage will not change the relationship they have, perhaps because she believes that Ferit would never fall in love or, perhaps because in her head, he loved her…

He always came back to her, despite having others, she was the "fixed" one, so much so that she said several times to Seyran "the others come and go, I remain", for her that is love, that means it is beloved, who is different from the others. But it’s not. Then Seyran appears…

On their wedding night, Pelin marked her place, but she never understood that the heart deceives even the wisest, and that from there her downfall would begin, she dug her own grave.


This is the first time that Pelin sees the new reality of things, Ferit is feeling ill and she wants to go see him, but she can't because his family is there and now this place belongs to Seyran, Pelin has become something that has to stay hidden.

4 / - 'if you lock two enemies in a room, at some point they will get along'. Pelin feels safe in the differences between Ferit and Seyran, but Abdin quickly tells her not to rely on that, because coexistence can bring love and understanding… 

As much as Pelin wants to create a feeling that everything remains the same, it's not true. Even though it was a marriage without relations, now Ferit had somewhere to go back to, there was someone waiting for him at home, someone who was his responsibility.

5 / - Ferit kisses Pelin hoping to feel the same feeling he felt with Seyran to see if the feeling was the same, and it wasn't. Thus, he saw that Seyran and Pelin occupied different places, aroused different feelings…

6 - / Pelin's humiliation began since the marriage began. Here, Ferit cancels dinner with Pelin to have dinner with Seyran's family, the place Pelin always wanted, was given to someone else.

7 - / Suna tells Seyran "he's in love with you, look at his jealousy", and Pelin hears all this. It's the first time she feels scared, because now she has a view from there, of what happens between Ferit and Seyran when she's not there…

8 / - 'I locked her in her room so she could marry you.' These words penetrate deep into Ferit , Seyran is not like Pelin and the others who are impressed by their surname, money, status and are always available. she’s something that needs to be deserved for its own sake.

9 / 'Why did you like him so much, what did he have?' As Seyran is something that needs to be deserved in itself, Ferit wonders what value Yusuf had that he doesn't have, how did he deserve her? If nothing he has is enough for her to appreciate him, then what is?

10 - / 'Seyran is not under Ferit Korhan's spell, she is not like the others'. Ferit verbalizes his thoughts of inferiority, for him Pelin was not enough for him to marry her, and with Seyran, he is not enough. 

10 - / A girl from Before, Pelin didn't see her as a threat until now, because she was naive and didn't realize that the fact that she was different, simple and unique was precisely what made her special to Ferit . I mean, Pelin digs his grave with every action and thought.

11 / - Pelin still hasn't realized the marriage, she keeps asking for explanations to which she has no right. For her, the wedding still doesn't have a tone of reality, but here are the beginnings of events that will show her that…

Ferit sees Seyran , Kaya and Yusuf from the balcony, and then he freaks out. If Seyran didn't want him and didn't want the marriage, Kazim, out of love for the Korhan's money, was the only one interested in all of this. If even Kazim preferred Yusuf, what would be left, what would keep Seyran there?

Here is the first time that Seyran talks about Ferit's inferiority complex, he is a Korhan, but he thinks Yusuf is better than him, simply because Seyran doesn't appreciate him, he wants to have from Seyran what Yusuf had. But this is not yet visible to Pelin 

12 / - 'Only you can make him stay', after Ferit's outburst in the cabin, Pelin realizes that the marriage is real, that Seyran has effects on Ferit, effects that she doesn't have. For me he wouldn't stay, but for her he would. Here, Pelin had his chance to leave…

follow her life and look for another path since she saw that Ferit was committed to Seyran, but she doesn't do it, she chooses to remain in her obsession, she seeks suffering for herself…

‘At the end of the day, the man took his wife's arm and came home and didn't even remember you' the cousin makes it clear that Seyran is the one who dominates Ferit's life.

13 / - ‘Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself'. BINGO SEYRAN. Ferit's life has no meaning without Seyran, it is an empty life. Seyran can return to his father's punishments, but Ferit will be left with the darkness of his emptiness.

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