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Yali Capkini Episode 59 Great leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 59 Great leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 59 Great leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 59 Great leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 59 Great leaks

Reliable leaks say that Seyran will escape with Ferit and they will go to live in the mountain house, 👹and Suna will know their whereabouts because she previously went with them with Abidin🥺. Suna will tell ifakat and she will also tell Kazim because she is jealous of Ferit, and Nevra will also come with her father to Aga Halis and tell him that Ferit has borrowed money from her.  500 thousand dollars.

Pelin if she really died was the journalist "Persin" would have missed the opportunity to download the iconic scene of the great actress?  She would have posted it and wrote, God willing, we will see you in upcoming works and... 

Even the ad is completely empty. If she had died, they would have had a funeral for her bigger than Fuat's, and the evidence is Ferit's operation versus her operation that took the whole episode. As for the cemetery scene that appeared in the commercial, it is for Ferit who went to Fuat. 

In general she took the worst punishment she can see in her life that she will not be able to give birth again

She used her son to deceive people with him

I calibrated Assuman who doesn't have kids she didn't have kids 

Calibrated Suna

She used it for her emotional blackmail.

And originally her presence is necessary for a few episodes to reveal all that she did as long as she did not admit anything in the episode 🤝

I am with you you will be fanatic if the end of Pelin is this, but I am sure not to say that the next episode will appear and its punishment will see with her own eyes the loss of her son, Ferit and Serter and she was exposed.

We need to differentiate between humanity and ingratitude 

 How can Ferit be upset at Pelin% how can you go to pat Ferit and forget his actions 

Because we said the missing thing will give strongly 

Ferit and Seyran at the time of the other side will not fall into a problem they leave the differences and the fight on the side and show their humanity.

Seyran when she included them and her father kidnapped left him lying on the ground? If he is going to deal with his family's ingratitude, he will say he deserves it. No one told him to play with us 

He will not justify his actions with her nor will he justify her actions with him, but we should put under the word troubled a line (their illness that distances them, but their real feelings are what moves them closer together) 

I liked the beginning of photography from the angle of Ferit standing and everyone behind him was in the role each one his punishment is coming and life started with Ferit and behind him Halis and the next Jay on the rest.

The episode is very very very emotional 

Let us agree Pelin is not mistaken alone pregnancy includes Ferit entered his life forced her in her life to the extent that her admiration turned to obsession, give me a realistic girl I saw her obsessed with a guy she loves and treated for excessive attachment from him ..! 

The story of Pelin is the story of a girl, a young man who deluded her and misunderstood her 

According to Kaya's opinion (and she is not obliged to pay her actions fully) I mean the text is on her and on the unique text) 

Ferit had to explain to himself and make limits but as a person he didn't know how to arrange his thoughts

And his sadness for her because between them ten and years and memories not a day and a night and because his emotions preceded his tears are very natural and I do not see that tears mock the sensitive person or de nature crying really because he is affected by any need.

He even asked Seyran what should I say to her i mean he doesn't know how to act he still wants someone to direct his life to him Ferit  id his whole life is a mess because of his family's negligence to the extent that he was afraid this time to deal with Pelin and not spend correctly And he could have killed her with his anger after he knew the analysis So I choose someone to guide him to do what to do And since he chose Seyran despite everyone seeing him rudely crying in front of your wife for your lover no not rudeness because Seyran knows that his intention when he is next to her is not the crying of a lover the crying of a friend if The crying of the beloved was not a favor that existed.!! .

Seyran's influence was strong on Ferit's personality. 

Everyone saw with their own eyes that Ferit is hard for someone to stop his spells except anger or crying or panic 

Halis is afraid of Ferit and Known controls him and guides him other than his father.

Abidin doesn't know how to guide him and let him get his anger out in Serter 

Gulgun you couldn't hold him in her lap and run away 

Abidin said he doesn't want to talk to anyone but he will talk to you.

Seyran was able to control his anger by hugging him like children and in a panic attack she could control him,

It makes him start talking and start saying what he feels alone 

Was he doing this with someone? Did he ever say I am afraid and show his weakness ?? 

Leave us from Pelin, how can no one see the development that is happening in the Seyfer as a treatment that responds to them.

You say Parish left what to Seyran if she had an accident, 

Ferit will find his world saved / will not find a shoulder crying for him / hug tells him to transgress the ordeal / every second transgression as if he was mistaked by his death / everything that the doctor delays come to him a panic attack / may any small world and he was wasted from his hand / will think of every need with her and although he hurt her but preferred his side and supported him / will not find anyone wipe his tears / and no one calls him to say I am afraid I want you by my side.

Although his family will stay next to him but no one did this in his case with Pelin what do you think if Seyran called father will they know how to do this No 

We'll see in Kazim 

The father's weakness / I conquered him for what he did with her / she hurt him / he will remember that she stood by him despite what he did / the loss will teach him what he lost

We'll see in Suna 

Her horror for her sister / not having her sister next to her will understand what she is losing 

Parrish paves the way for Seyran's injury, but the first one will leave her with everyone a need so that they know its value when it remains between life and pain so that we know the value of the person who is with us, but regret is not useful at that time.

For Suna 

Do you remember the scene when she saw her father and Zerin and she kept silent?

Will you be silent or tell Kazim Seyran and Ferit to meet in secret .....? 

If you would say and consider it normal for her troubled mind, why did she say at the time to walk on Zerin and prevent divorce ..? 

You will say that I was afraid that you are right because I am not able to argue in Suna seriously 😂.

But we focus her behavior stems from her weak personality and the disintegrating family crisis that she went through and speculative ideas from the first episode I swear she struggles not to show her intentions but the last time the pressure increased on her mind she looked for someone to extract her rap as much as she loves her sister as much as she will still be ruined But the real value that she will know when her intentions are revealed and she loses her sister either you see her in the hospital or face him with her 

But Kaya will like her frankly because she forgot herself before him sincerely and that he is her nut and Ferit has a wife who fears for him from when your heart is on Pelin Oi 🤡.

A nice test for you 

Do you know when you meet someone and say no very good and this good one comes out and you say no we learned and the million pole comes out and you still say we learned this is Akin this time ok for you say hello to 😂 ok

Because I told you to beware of him 

His ceiling for me because it turned out to be doubtful 

And his ceiling is for me because I told you that this is not the Akash who raises Orhan 🤩.

The power of this is the truth not in money or name 

The real power is the intention and the love of good for others 

When he needed to do something, he discovered neither his name nor his status. 

Everyone was able to run away from him in times of hardship because his intention is evil 

But Ferit or Seyran at some time the second needs a need their intention is good, so they find the one who helps them and the world facilitates them away from their monster or sweet personalities.

And on top of all that a girl was able to laugh at him with another child and he was disparaged

Kazim doesn't know about Akash and Akash'S behaviors and he took Kazim bridge because you are tall and Seyran will ruin Kazim's promise because Akash played alternate games so Parrish will untie the ropes from each other There is no marriage of Sir to Akin or divorce from Ferit 

Kadhem this time the rope will wrap around his neck because he scratched what happened to him is a lesson but he throws himself with his whole family on the danger stone because Akash

He will receive Orhan and Akin will receive Seyran 

Nevra will not be patient like Pelin Nevra the end of it goes to Halis and this is another attempt to scare Ferit but Ferit will grow his brain from it 

Nevra has two games in front of her because she is not long 

Halis' fake designs are exposed and exposed 

Or h talk to Seyran at the time of her pregnancy and remains parallel to Pelin and her pregnancy, but this time Ferit will pay the price stronger with his times and his real son, but no one cares but he will live terrifying moments that he will not forget in his life.

By the way, Evakat no longer talks to Suna, do you notice after the talk of tradition with Suna...! 

The last thing is that Seyran does this because she has mercy because we watch a lot of characters who have black hearts so we are surprised by the kindness of Seyran and her mercy as if it was a strange thing in her wrong time 

But she said (if someone will pay the price and be a soul, then I will forgive) Who likes gloating!! Her heart is good and clean 

I don't remember the blackness until it falls.

She canceled her mind and used her heart, a unique presence that needed her made her forget everything in front of his look as if she was his mother not Gulgun 

She herself said (we separated in a difficult way and difficult to continue) I mean aware of all this in order to return Ferit to the need to build confidence again 

Make her believe that happiness exists 

The taste of joy is there 

So it is normal that they will live a life like engaged people until it is complicated to come back and it will be dismantled and all the anger inside it will be erased 

 The series teaches you that illness has no authority 

And that obsession does worse than this 

And weak personality chooses a wrong person to choose a path for him

Gloating, no. 

The consequences of each one for his actions 

Trust sometimes deceives and fakes

The mother lost her daughter because of her negligence 

The parents are raised by them and they will be brought up again with their children 

The priest is born a priest and she is not a good upbringing.

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