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Yaban Cicekleri Episode 1 Summary and Photos

Yaban Cicekleri Episode 1 Summary and Photos

Yaban Cicekleri 1 English
Yaban Cicekleri Episode 1 English Subtitle

Yaban Cicekleri Episode 1 Summary and Photos 📸

Yaban Cicekleri 1 English

Everyone gathers at Ataman's house for Osman Fevzi and Nurten Ataman's wedding anniversary dinner. Kılıç, İhsan and Kenan take advantage of the opportunity to bring up the hotel subject to Fevzi. Fevzi Ataman insists on not giving away the lands. Kenan lashes out at his father, and Fevzi can't stand it and slaps his son. After this incident, everyone disperses to their homes. 

But something happens that no one expects.  A gunshot is heard from the Atamans' house. Osman Fevzi was shot, and Nurten was standing by him with a gun in his hand. As Kenan tries to figure out what happened, he thinks about how to tell his sister Ela. In this, the Sword helps him. Thus, years later, Kılıç and Ela come face to face again.

#HalilBabür, one of the actors of ATV's exciting new series #YabanÇiçekleri, talked about Kenan, the headstrong character of the story, and the project.


Stating that Kenan is a multidimensional and very enjoyable character to play, Babür shared the following about the story; "Kenan is the son of the Ataman family, a very well-educated son of a good and well-established family. He's a bit of a maverick character. We're going to watch him grow up and face those realities, a little bit detached from the realities of life."


As for the aspects of his role that appealed to him the most, he said; "I look at how they were written, the reality, rather than the story. I was excited about these dialogues and working with Zeynep Günay. We rehearsed and worked a lot with Zeynep Hoca. We improvised and rehearsed that we worked."


The popular actress said the following about what awaits the audience; "Wild Flowers", which will be a series that they can watch with pleasure, face their own realities, and experience the awareness of witnessing the lives lived next to them, I wish you a good watch in advance. See you on Monday, March 25 on ATV." ✨


A brand new series starts on Monday evening, March 25 on ATV screens. The new series called Wild Flowers stars Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora. Fans of Akın Akınözü, who has made a great career breakthrough, especially with his TV series project called Hercai, stand out with their comments on social media.

It is known that the famous actor has a large fan base all over the world, and for this reason, the interest in the series called Wild Flowers seems to be quite strong. Akın Akınözü was on the TV8 screen with the series called Trap, which lasted 26 episodes last season. This season, he will watch the actor in a love story. Of course, there is a great drama in this story, and Akın Akınözü stands out as the main figure of the series with the character of Kılıç. You can find important details in the released trailer of the series.

Wild Flowers is counting the days to appear on ATV screens. The dated introduction of the new series "Wild Flowers", produced by O3 Media and creatively consulted by Zeynep Günay, which arouses curiosity with its cast and story, has also been released.

In the first scene of Wild Flowers, which came to the screen with its new introduction, he welcomes his audience with the words "Life should not be measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away".

The harmony of Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora has already been reflected on the screen as a wonderful duo. While the popular actors received rave reviews, the clues about the series have already increased the expectations of the audience.Yaban Cicekleri 1 English

In the staff; While there are valuable names such as Akın Akınözü, Aslıhan Malbora, Büşra Pekin, Serhat Teoman, Halil Babür, Bige Önal and Tilbe Saran and Arif Pişkin, Aydın Bulut sits in the director's chair.

Wild Flowers, which will bring the struggle of Kılıç and Ela, who were brought together after years of a painful loss, to protect their love despite the facts hidden from them and the obstacles between their families, starts with its first episode on Monday, March 25 at 20.00 on ATV.

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