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Yali Capkini Episode 65 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 65 New leaks

Yali Capkini 65 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 65 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 65 New leaks

Everyone wonders who put the ram's head in the room of Halis and Hatice and exactly in their bed?

There is a high probability that the person who put it was a friend of Assuman, a sports teacher, the moment he entered the palace, he had it in his bag, and we will watch a flashback in episode 65.

The possibility of the second is ifakat because she has already collaborated with the enemies of Korhan the Ahsanli family, and now she cooperates with Okkes's sister, and the goal of cooperation is known because she will lose power over the palace with the arrival of Hatice .

Seyran is poisoned on the day of the wedding.The poisoning meant Hatice, but Seyran drank her glass, and Suna was the one who landed the poison.

In the custody of the Turkish press. Hatice dies on the wedding night at the hands of Suna

After Yali Capkini regained its audience to make its biggest move to become number one in the rankings again. According to the leaked script of the new episode, their reunion with Hatice and halis, who married in a wonderful wedding, years later, will remain incomplete on the wedding night. While it turns out that the person who bids farewell to the series will die at the hands of the person closest to him, the love of Ferit and Seyran will also be turned upside down after this loss.

It was supposed that this week's episode would be without analysis, but it is clear that Parrish does not want to give me a rest, but in general the analyzes will be few due to the absence of the psychological aspect of Seyfer, and of course before starting, the usual mention ((psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not to justify or stand by one party from the other, and be based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer to the characters in each episode)) And let's start the analysis, most of the time in this episode was surprised by the continued blackmail of Seyran for the spectrum, and the concealment of some facts from Ferit , especially since Latif was respectful of Seyran most of the time.

In addition, it is very natural that his loyalty to Halis is far from his desire to establish his own shops in which he sells his personal designs, and on the other hand, because she opened a new page with Ferit free of mistakes and pitfalls of the past, so come now to explain to you the reasons, the first reason with regard to Latif, Seyran is aware that her stay in this palace is like a war, especially with the many enemies in it, and therefore she needs an ally to help her in time of need Therefore, it is natural that she reminds him of her authority towards him, so that he continues to help her and not forget that, as for Ferit , she thinks that it is wrong for Ferit to share this information since the current timing is not suitable at all.

A call to Kaysun since the psychological aspects in this episode were your share in most of the analyzes for you, I feel that many of what Parish is focused on their psychological aspects, he is not able to give them rest even in the episode of Algebra of Thoughts, the important thing, I will start with you from the beginning in order to know the sequence of events that led to the consequences of other events, of course Suna after the news of the return of Seyran to Ferit and the engagement of Halis to Hatice, she saw that the talk of the divination was not achieved in the form Right, she needed a quick confrontation by going to divination, 

on the other hand Kaya needed a heartfelt conversation with Suna to solve their problems (I need you to focus on this principle of need), but Suna was unfortunately busy with her own test and setback, and as usual the good side of Kaya always understands Suna and concedes to her, but Suna's face expression caught my attention in the same look after Kaya's acceptance and silence, her looks Momentarily, for the first time since her relapse began, she was honest and sympathetic to Kaya (the human Suna), but soon returned to her desire to meet the divination (Relapsing Suna).

Suna's talk here, the phrase "My mind says something", means achieving her lost destiny and her relationship with Ferit , so that happiness prevails on everyone, and the loss of lives stops, while "My heart says something else", she means her relationship with Kaya and the continuation of their marriage, (of course what you mean Abidin, I hope you ignore your eternal conflict with the Epson, so that it does not affect your understanding of events, I mean it is normal that the writer did not address the relationship of the Epson at all in the last ten episodes Almost, and there was not even a slight hint appeared, so how do you ask me what Kaya meant and not Abidin?? ), 

and if kaysun branch of planet Zomoroda said, does that mean that she loves Kaya, I wish you would remember the principle of the emotional attachment index (see Highlights Test and Solution), As for the phrase "homes don't help me", you mean that she doesn't feel belonging to any home, any feelings of loss, and the sentence" don't accommodate me in the rooms" means she doesn't feel comfortable inside the rooms, any feelings of tightness.

In this episode, the truth of the path of divination is finally revealed to the viewers, and of course it had to be on the part of ifakat, since the experience of the existential messages of Suna, moved from Kazim to ifakat, because Suna overcame her fear of Kazim and was able to confront him, unlike ifakat (Ok if she overcame her fear of him, why was the previous episode afraid of Kazim? Just a momentary setback, but she overcame it very quickly after helping Kaya, unlike her setbacks due to ifakat

being still subject to her and afraid of her, and therefore the setbacks are strong and difficult to overcome) even if they plunder the energy of Suna towards Kazim in this episode, strong, confident and indifferent, Suna in this scene is literally floundering between the human Suna and the relapsing Suna, if you notice the human Suna expressed her displeasure and exhaustion at the beginning of the clip, after the divination asked her to destroy the marriage of Hatice, and Suna's response was.

I can't do this" but soon Suna returned relapsed and thought of her father as a way to stop this marriage, Suna is now in the last chance stage of testing existential messages, especially after changing her answer at the last moment, and canceling the idea of her divorce from Kaya, but it is clear that Suna will also fail this test, and the consequences are coming on the way, from the day Suna's path and Kaya are intertwined as catalysts In achieving their existential messages, and she started to become one of the very complex characters and needs a focused explanation in order to understand her psychological aspects, and personally I see the writer making a strong and beautiful effort in trying to link their tests, setbacks and punishment to each other, I mean literally the psychological caison path is considered the favorite currently.

You feel the rope of ideas between me and Parrish is close, I mean I talked recently about the types of dominant characters and then I specified them for the rest of the characters in the series, and in this episode it was very clear to most of the characters, you feel that I was given a theoretical lesson and Parrish gave the practical lesson immediately after, especially in this scene it was very clear the characters that control everyone, and I did not expect Suna to make me laugh in the middle of her setbacks because of the personality of the dominant teenager at her, literally you feel The aura of adolescence is visible on her, especially when she suppressed the perfume at the hands of Kazim while he was shocked and explaining to Esme, and then her happiness and enjoyment of Hatice beating Kazim, and of course the personality of the dominant child for Kazim, and the adult for Esme and Hatice, was very clear as well.

Now we come to the most important part of this week's episode, notice that the writer deliberately showed Kaya while waiting for any communication from Suna, and here comes the message between the lines, will Suna's absence or disappearance from your life be the cause of a strong setback for you due to your emotional attachment, and thus will lead to failure to achieve your message? Especially since it is just an auxiliary factor and not a prerequisite in achieving his mission, Suna means yes it is considered external support in achieving your mission, but what benefits is its abandonment is a constant and permanent factor, so that its absence and abandonment from you, makes the evil side stronger and more controlling, and this was often the reason for testing Kaya's existential messages by using Pelin in his path, because she is closer alone to him than the women around him.

 I mean, it would be illogical to entangle Kaya's path with a woman other than Pelin, even if you said that the writer could have chosen Birell and not Pelin, then the dramatic events will not serve the psychological aspects properly, especially with Beryl's previous statement that she does not want and does not want anything that connects her to Kaya, in addition to that it is clear that she had some feelings for Kaya, and our current goal is existential messages and not emotional attachment, And Pelin is the only character suitable for this event, first because she used the same strategy previously, in addition to that she does not carry any feelings for Kaya, and also the possibility of her pregnancy is impossible, the continuation in the next post.

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