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Yali Capkini Episode 63 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 63 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 63 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 63 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 63 Scenario and leaks

In a leak he says that the subject of the son of Halis Aga any man ifakat will open and show the cause of death and who caused his death in a category that says that ifakat  is the reason because she was cheating on her with the maid Sefika, to indicate that the relationship of ifakat and the eldest son of korhan was like the relationship of Ferit and Seyran first, Seyran was known as the relationship between Pelin and Ferit and does not care about it.

But when ifakat decided to take revenge when she learned that Sefika was pregnant, and that she could not in her life give birth and give a grandson to Halis Aga...

So who is the grandson, is Abidin or someone else? The answer is yes Abidin . There are several signs that show that ifakat hates Abidin 

We watched it in several episodes and when Suna was away from him....

When will the truth come out when Aysen, Sefika's daughter, falls in love with her brother Abidin and asks to marry him? Sefika will have a heart attack and will be hospitalized. We all know that Halis Aga loves Sefika because she has served them for many years and is faithful to the secrets of the palace and to Korhan.

Halis will go to visit her and his wife Hatice, and Sefika will tell Halis the secret and that Abidin is his grandson and should prevent him from marrying his sister.

Halis will reunite the family and Abidin and recognize him of course after he analyzes the DNA and is 100% sure that he is from his descendants and blood of course he will not accept the idea of Abidin and will feel inferior that all his life he lives as servants to his family and his cousin Ferit.

We come to Suna the only one who will fly from joy because she will finally marry a family and the lineage of Korhan of course Abina Abidin still loves her and will ask her to divorce Kaya and marry him.

Halis in order to compensate Abidin and that he did not study him and did not care about him like his grandchildren Fuat and Ferit will decide to write the palace in the name of Abidin as compensation for what he missed.

But there will be enmity between Ferit and Abidin because Ferit believes that the palace is his right and that he is more important than him.....

If you want me to continue write it to me down in the comments

Analysis of the events of episode 63 Yali Capkini

Guys I hope you complete it to the end and understand every word + I am in everyone's 👌🏻side and please without attacking in the comments ✨I saw many comments saying that Seyran when I returned to the palace and for Ferit she is without dignity like Pelin so I liked to say that he is in a big team:

✓ First of all, Seyran is Ferit's wife, not his👌🏻mistress, she came out of the palace with her head held high and came back with her head held high, unlike Pelin Lee, she knelt under two pure🙂legs and Seyran is not attached to Ferit and she didn't run after him like Pelin 😁

✓When I knew about the story of pregnancy, she was silent to someone and gave the palace over their heads completely until pure and what was forbidden from it 👌🏻🙂

✓She went and exposed them in the interview to all the world and was afraid of someone and Ferit worked with her the same thing 👌🏻 (we do not deny that she spit on her is a disgusting behavior) but pay the price of his mistake with something big and not pay in the price of his mistakes  

✓ Seyran made everyone respect her even he couldn't say anything because she saved his son 👀the exact opposite of Pelin I mean guys don't mix Pelin with Seyran never ever 👌🏻

👈🏻As for her return to Ferit : since he is her husband and she loves him, it is normal to give him a second chance guys👌🏻because they are married and the problems happen and solve this from the dramatic side and the series But in real life and in our societies we see that families are destroyed because of the haste in the decision of divorce and separation I mean it is not the solution for such a walk and Ferit reached the point of divorce and signed the papers then Ferit  understood the idea that he cant live without walking👌🏻

And the same thing with Seyran and she didn't forget the thing that Ferit did but she gave him a second chance and Ferit will skip the stage of development and maturity for sure and Seyran is like🥹 him For that guys don't link the topic to dignity because the topic is not worth the fuss And let us not forget that they are mental patients and their thinking is not normal Both of them made mistakes and both of them will fix each other's mistakes and in the end it will be a series 🤷🏻 ♀️

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