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Yali Capkini Episode 65 The return of the story of Abidin and his mother

Yali Capkini Episode 65 The return of the story of Abidin and his mother

Yali Capkini Episode 65 The return of the story of Abidin and his mother
Yali Capkini Episode 65 The return of the story of Abidin and his mother

Yali Capkini Episode 65 The return of the story of Abidin and his mother

Abidin's story will begin. From Sefika's words about "Fazila" in previous episodes I will open my mouth and her words in the previous episode and Abidin was excited that he knew her and of course sitting on a chair like the rest of the two families (doubt) and the way Akin's aunt spoke (suppose that his aunt or mother, which Okkes and his sister hide from Akin. and look forward to his mother is not his aunt) for what he said that they were the cause of his mother's torment in the past.

And also she is hiding behind this dress that certainly has something behind it (deformed by fire or others) because everyone thought she was dead, but on the contrary, and her talk with Okkes when she said that she wished for his death certainly has something behind him And she says my work with the Korhan family and the Shanli family is not over yet and sure you mean the relationship of (Halis and Hatice) and their love in the past as it was said in the summary And Halis's wife appears and that as we expected in the first season a strong bond between Ferit and Abidin and especially when he said I raised him and he was always like a father or an older brother and Ferit Uncle appears

Places have changed, and Seyran is a unique place 

To understand and he started it from 57 and continue until you understand, his point of view and yet you will see things as Ferit saw things that he did not know.

Man understands when he lives ✔️.

ifakat after I understood that she lost everything for nothing she lost her husband her place in the palace she lost Orhan Korhan 

She decided she should live as she wanted.

She is looking for love or attention and the tooth and she never found it in the palace 

And now she is looking for the child, but do you realize that she is not only late she came after depriving two, Suna was deprived of Abidin , Ferit and Seyran of childhood and child.

In the episode Pelin told Kaya at least we should not be with the Korhan family with two 😅😅faces either way they are not known😁 with two faces

But at the same time it was a signal from the writer because anymore I think the game will be on the open Pelin's real face appeared completely as well as Kaya's face and her face appeared with Seyran, all will show his truth.

In the last episodes I saw that some are looking for arguments and justifications, some see from their perspective and what their mind understands to prove their opinion only, some want an excuse to fall,, an excuse for sin,, an excuse for hatred and hatred, an excuse for revenge, a justification for owning something that does not belong to them 

📌Suna and Kaya's relationship goes through the stages of Ferit's relationship and Seyran's relationship, and the same situation now Seyran knew about Pelin like Suna knew Ferit's assistant in 18 hours, Suna was also 😅wearing red and told Seyran Kaya's words to Suna 

The same words of Ferit for Seyran 

In episode 18 or episode 23 the situation is parallel

📌The most important thing that a person 🌟 needs

Live and enjoy the moment 

📌Try to get past 

📌Do not consume yourself in thinking and fearing the future, live the present moment, because it is in your hands, you will not know to change the past and do not know the future 🪄, do not waste more, and the moment is past, and the future is regret🔒

🌟The most beautiful truth in the episode is when a person is afraid,, he forgets to live, he forgets to live the moment, the most precious moments of his life are lost in fear

Seyran was an example of Nukhet's words, fear is dominated by a whole life, making her think about the future, linked to the past, so she stays stuck here and there and wastes the moment, fear possesses and consumes those who live it.

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