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Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 1

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 1

Yali Capkini 66 Scenario Part 1
Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 1

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 1

The episode starts from the scene of the kidnapping of Siran, and after Ferit heard her screams and the sound of bullets, he went running to the door and saw the man lying on the ground and Siran did not exist, so he was afraid of her a lot and kept screaming like a madman and approaching the man (I will call him Mohsen)

Ferit : Mohsen talked, where is Mohsen going?

Mohsen: She was kidnapped ... Kidnapped...

Ferit shouts at the top of his voice: seyraaaaaan

Abidin : OK Ferit , calm down, don't be afraid, we will find her

Ferit: Abdeen, what are you saying, how can I calm down, they kidnapped me, my soul, they kidnapped Seyran😭😭, call your men quickly, how can you get kidnapped from the palace door, it's impossible Abidin, I entrusted you with my soul😭😭, I can't live without her, if something happens to her, I can't live

Abidin : OK Ferit , calm down, I will talk to them now, don't be afraid, Seyran , she will get back to you as soon as possible

Masood, call the company's protection staff, track down the traffic number quickly.

And suddenly Ferit has a bout of diabetes and he will lose consciousness

Abidin : My brother Ferit cohesion my brother is not afraid we will find it

Ferit : I can't live without her, if something happens to her, I die, I end my life 😭😭

Abidin : calm down my brother Tamam let us enter the Palace

Abidin takes him and they enter the palace and everyone is in the salon

Gulgun: Ferit Shaw became Ferit my son Aysen get an insulin injection

Orhan: Abidin , what happened to Ferit ?

Abidin : There is something important I have to tell you about

Halis: talk what happened to my grandson.

Hatice : Where is Seyran ? I saw her go out with Ferit , where did she go?

Abidin : Halis Aga Lady Hatice Seyran went out to talk to her friend at the door of the palace but...

Suna is afraid: But Shaw Abidin speak, where is my sister?

Abidin Seyran was kidnapped

All : Whattttt

Suna: how does Abidin mean to talk to my sister, what? 😭😭

Hatice : oh it's all because of me, it's all because of me

Ferit is almost unconscious and crying heartburn

Gulgun: 😭😭Ferit my son spoke what happened, who says Abidin is not right, Seyran nothing happened to her, right? Ferit

Ferit : Mom, I'm not a man, and he hits his head, they kidnapped my soul from my hands and I couldn't do anything

Gulgun: don't say that, my son Seyran will come back, she's a strong girl, I know.

Ferit : no, I can't wait here while I'm sitting, I'm going to go look for her.

Gulgun: my son, what are you saying, my son, no, you don't go if something happens to you, I can't without you, Ferit .

Orhan: your mother's words are true when I left the palace

Ferit shouts: What do you say? I am telling you Seyran my soul was kidnapped and my age was kidnapped in front of my eyes and I could not do anything She was screaming my name and they are taking her and you are telling me what she goes, I am without walking and nothing, if she does not exist I cannot live, there is no meaning to life without her, I prefer to die while I am looking for her and protecting her,  As if I stay sitting here I am going and no one can stop me


Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2

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