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Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2
Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Scenario Part 2

Suna: and I'm going with you, I can't leave my sister alone

Ferit : No Suna, there is no exit from the palace, it is dangerous and you can get hurt, there is no one who will come out of the palace door, even going to the park is forbidden, do you hear?

Abidin: Tammam Ferit I have I will take care of the situation what you are afraid of, but if you go ...

Ferit : Abidin, I said that I have to prepare my car quickly, and he comes out of the palace.

We go back to Seyran, who is screaming and beating, but there is no use Akin's men were in control of her, some time passes and the car stops, Seyran thinks they have arrived, but one of Akin's men and Permi Ece comes in the middle of the road in the dark.

Seyran : what are you doing, you are a moron, Eceeee

Akin: close her eyes.

Seyran : put your hand down on me, I swear if Ferit sees you he will kill you one by one, leave me better for you

Akin: your tongue as long as you were like this what happened to you what is this increased confidence you trust your Ferit 

Seyran : of course he is a man not like you, and I am sure that he will not leave me and will eliminate you all, especially you Akin

Akin: Okay, fine, we'll see if he can reach you, and now we have to close your eyes, sweetheart.

Seyran : I hope you don't repeat this word again, I swear I pity you, you should have thought before you kidnapped Seyran Korhan, poor brother, I still haven't seen Ferit's second face.

Akin: shut her mouth too.

Akin: shut her mouth too.

He closes her mouth and gets close to Akin

The man: brother Akin the girl is talking seriously what are we going to do

Akin: The only thing I know is that I will avenge my Uncle and my mother

Seyran inside her🥺: Oh God help me I am very afraid Ferit will be collapsed now, my Lord, why is everything I think about being a family, this will become in us.

When Ferit gets out in the car and wanders in the streets like a madman and doesn't know where to go and where to look for it then he goes to Ece's house but he doesn't find her too

And he returns to the palace with dawn and he is psychologically destroyed and sitting crying from fear for Seyran and goes up to their room and goes to take a piece of Seyran's clothes and suddenly he finds a bag behind the clothes so they take and open the first thing he sees what he does cry more like a little child to what he meets his mother (I expect I knew what is in it)

Ferit 😭 : aaah Seyran , why did you go and leave me, I wanted a day to pass us well, my Lord, why all these calamities are chasing us, why are we the ones who pay for old mistakes, and he goes and takes the last pajama that she wore and hugs its material and keeps smelling it, and suddenly something important comes to mind

Ferit Seyran before she was kidnapped, she said she will meet Ece, so the person who kidnapped her kidnapped Ece also means he knows her relationship Ece to be .... No, I'm sure the dog kidnapped them. How didn't I think of such a thing?

We go to Ece who is unconscious and a family finds her passing by the road there so they call the ambulance and take her to the hospital.

Wait for the continuation of the scenario moments later

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