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Yali Capkini Episode 68 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 68 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 68
Yali Capkini Episode 68 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 68 New leaks

As we saw at the end of episode 67, Tayyar Akin's father says I want a daughter, as a reminder, Akin did not commit sui-cide and Akin's gun still has the second bullet in it, he hit his mother, but she did not die, and then he was hit from behind by his father, yes his father is the one who kil-led him.

Because he wanted a girl, and many leaks say that he will kidnap Suna and have a baby girl with her, but Suna is his real daughter, he had a relationship with Esme and then quarreled with Kazim at that time, and Kazim married Esme while she was pregnant, for this reason Kazim loves Seyran more than Suna, because Seyran is his only son.

Therefore, there is a possibility that he will kidnap Suna and try to harm her, and Esme will intervene and tell him the truth that she is his daughter.

Or is there a possibility that he will kidnap Assuman.

ifakat will return to the palace again and will try to cause problems for Seyran , but Seyran will kick her out of the palace and tell her that the palace has become hers.

In a new love affair between Suna and Abidin they will reconcile, Kaya will divorce from Suna, and in the possibility of returning with Pelin.

We start with the beginning...  

First, we know that Akin is under terrible pressure from the words of Seyran Ferit and his mother/ the biggest influence that he controlled is the negative influence (his mother)  

Because he was on the verge of kil ling Ferit, as evidenced by his hand falling on Ferit's back, but his mother to the last point chose to turn him over with a negative campaign other than the direction of his hand's way. 

And this shows that he is aware that he is just a tool for her revenge so he liked to punish her in the tragic end and because she did not understand him and always rejected him so the negative side dominated more 

πŸ’₯Ferit understood Seyran's message that she used her verbal weapon to Akin to prevent the bullet from being committed, so he was able to control his mind quickly in a situation like this, and we all know that when he is put in shock pressure, his mind stops, but here he was able to use his mind to save the difficult situation of Seyran 

Seyran had a role in protecting Ferit 

And Ferit had a role in protecting Seyran 

No Seyran focused on her tiredness 

No, Ferit, focus on his horror. 

This is to reduce talk and doubt the relation between understanding Seyfer and look from a slightly different perspective.  

πŸ’₯The second point everyone focused on but there is a small thing that some did not know if some noticed or not 

Akin kil led his mother and this scene was seen 

But Akin did he kil l himself, or by the action of someone else who was following the situation and intervened at the last minute....?  

We didn't see Akin and he stayed for himself, we saw him falling...!  

When did the guard behind it come??  If they follow him, are they really followers of Akin or of the person hidden among them....?  

And the sentence of Abidin is underlined 

Did they really die or are they alive...!!  

All you know is that Akin's gun has two bullets, one for his mother and one for a bullet...?  

And of course, the fingerprints of the gun, one for Akin and one for Ferit, we will be able to see where the writer is going...!  

Just a question, Mezide, how did it get out of the well they threw it in?? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Who helped her! 

There are two possibilities, Tayyar is a father whose hand is burned 

Sehmuz his back is all burned and he always says I am called the burned I burned for honor

A tangled equation, right? 

Or Tayyar , Akkin'S father, is one of the men that Hatice gave them the gold to burn more, and burned his hand by mistake. 

O Sehmuz, I criticize her, and when he carried her, he burned with her!! 

That's what I seek.🀷 ♀️🀷 ♀️.

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