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Yali Capkini Episode 67 New leaks Part 2

Yali Capkini Episode 67 New leaks Part 2

Yali Capkini 67 New leaks Part 2
Yali Capkini Episode 67 New leaks Part 2

Yali Capkini Episode 67 New leaks Part 2

All the leaks say that it was Kazim who shot Akin and Ferit took Seyran to the hospital.

The biggest enemy of the Korhan family will be ifakat and Fekriye the Divinator, because all the secrets of the family are there.

Before anything the trailer has a controversy 

The second thing is not marginalized in the line of everyone saying (rape or doubt or words that cancel logic) for reasons clear before me ... I will give you a light power like this and our date is to analyze the episode in detail 

But we analyze the trailer in a simple way because the episode is a psychology of walking and Halis reaction to the situation 

*Succession for the Korhan family is like a treasure, Halis is more interested in the subject than his health in the sense of Seyran , pregnant and fell and has problems in the succession again because of the beating that she was subjected to from Kazim 

Or she wasn't pregnant and the injection is considered a total destruction of the body cell and it has a negative effect on her 

So we will be able to see Halis's reaction to the situation and his lack of appreciation for Seyran's situation and her position because he will show his real intention that he still hates it He is waiting for her to make a mistake to be counted for him a movement in her direction he heats up Ferit divorces her and Ferit warms up for another bride we will see 

But we saw that it is clear that he had a hand in getting them out in this state in front of the press. 

Don't say the situation is going on. You will have kids and leave but the situation is calculated to reveal Halis's intention forward.  

* The second point is the words of the doctor may be in his opinion that she needs to be exposed to a psychiatrist because her psychological situation has an impact on the physical and burns worked mutilation in her body negatively 

* Hallucinations and nightmares Seyran will appear, but a nice point that in front of people show her steadfastness and smile stubbornness in anyone who thinks to see her weak and prevent anyone to touch her, but with Ferit forgive her closeness to him and crying and show her weakness and this point is calculated for positive 

*Shock Ferit in the phone, O followed by a video of how they were torturing her, O spread video Bataa Sultan.

Seyran's story will open many topics,

Kazim hit her + Halis' real and malicious intentions + prelude to the exit of the Sevar from the palace 

It'll be for Kaya and Pelin they said eventually Suna will get a divorce and Kaya will marry Pelin but this marriage will remain secret for a while so that Ferit does not hinder him She will try to put this idea in Kaya's head if Ferit does not know about their marriage will prevent this marriage And they said she will have a child and come back again demanding her right to stay in the palace as well Will Pelin and Kaya's role end in the second season 

Please like and share your opinion despite the problems in the series because of the series producer Insisting on Pelin 😡😡😡😡 staying I don't know the producer of the series and the great support for Pelin despite the boycott of the series from the audience and the decrease in viewership and the drop from first to tenth place because of Pelin

I think there are reasons to be angry, but I think that Ferit is not to blame here. Her Kazim is to blame because he found Akin and Ujak, and to make things even more complicated, this Medzide got involved.

The hardest questions to answer; 

“Who did this to Seyran hanim? Who are these people behind this? Family enemies? What is the reason behind the families quarrel?” 

And they can’t answer - Halis and Hattuc will try to preserve their image and make Okkes family look like the evil ones, when in reality they are.

They won’t even want much attention on Okkes fam because it’ll lead to too many questions. They’ll want to sweep everything under the rug & downplay the severity & to achieve that “Seyran hanim was kidnapped & breifly stopped by the hospital for routine post kidnapping check up”.

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