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Yali Capkini Episode 68 The beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini Episode 68 The beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini Episode 68 Scenario
Yali Capkini Episode 68 The beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini Episode 68 Scenario

When Ferit sees the message he will increase his fear for the family and especially for Seyran then he will go down to Abidin and show him the message 

Abidin Ferit the situation does not bode well, we must act quickly before he acts, 

Ferit : Yes and I am not comfortable at all, my brother Abidin where is my gun?! 

Abidin : The pistol I did not find disappeared with the body.

Ferit : Damn, the author of the letter took him to threaten me with it,

Abidin : How is Mrs. Seyran 

Ferit : She's not fine. 

Abedin: OK, you go to her now, don't leave her alone. Ferit goes to the room and Seyran is sitting on the balcony to go to her 

Ferit Seyran , are you okay?

Seyran : OK, don't worry, benefit me the air / Ferit sits next to Seyran and holds her hand, what do you think? Let's go to a place far from home where we will be together you and me /

Seyran : I don't know my head and my thoughts are distracted, I can't think 

Ferit : Okay, baby, as you like, then the door knocks and Seyran jumps out of place. 

Ferit : Don't be afraid, just the door is knocking, Ferit goes and opens the door, it's Suna, 

Suna: Where is Seyran 

Ferit : on the balcony. 

Suna: your grandfather said everyone should be at the dinner table

Seyran : my sister come 

Suna: OK my beautiful sister, Suna goes to sit next to Seyran and they are talking and Seyran starts laughing and Ferit is looking at her and her tears come down and he thinks about the message,

The truth has emerged (which we said sorry about 😂🫡) and Parish remains adept at stirring up controversy 

From the beginning to the end, the episode was very beautiful, both the script, the acting, the dialogues and the song, all for me was very accurate, frankly, and the one was enjoying from the first to the last moment.

Starting with Ferit , who used his body as a shield to protect his wife, Ferit who trembled every time under the sound of bul lets because he was afraid that he would not be able to protect her, and finally with Akin, who chose to get rid of his conflict by absolutely his mother and then himself (another victim from my point of view who pays for acts that he participated in some of them and forced others) so he chose to give up on himself.

*A brief overview of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

Memories of an individual's disturbing event continue to come back again and again to invade thoughts, these memories can be very scary, realistic and disturbing

 Anxiety, excessive nervousness and agitation, avoidant behavior, avoiding anything or anyone who reminds you of the event, and the person remembers events as if they are happening now (flashbacks), difficulty sleeping, constant nightmares about the event. (It is diagnosed if the symptoms persist for 3 months from the event) 

And from the opinion of Afra she was creative in his embodiment ...

* Assuman was and still is the voice of truth for me, no matter how much it changes or turns for the worse, the writer puts it as the voice of truth. 

In the first season after the divorce, the only person who hit the truth in Ferit's face was Assuman (and you, what did you do, Ferit 

This time, you hit the truth in the face of Halis and Hattuc, because they are the real responsible for what happened (as if you are not responsible for what happened) 

And I am almost sure that I sensed Assuman fear for walking more than Halis and Hattuc 😅

* And when dan ger shows the true face of everyone and unique turned from the most toxic boy ever to the ideal husband 😂♥️♥️♥️

Ferit's care for Seyran reminded me when they said we will marry you he told them that I know I take care of myself when I take care of someone 😂😂😂

Our son has grown up and knows how to take care of his girlfriend his wife very well 

"And the truth is that love heals and can change some things and some people too." 🤍🌼.

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