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Yali Capkini Episode 65 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 65 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini 65 Exclusive Leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 65 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 65 Exclusive Leaks

⛔Important for the followers of the kingfisher regarding the leak of Halis's wife, who is Akin's mother, we explain because my shape is not connected to the leak correctly and focus with me ...

Halis's wife, when she woke up from the fire, went to Okkes as Halis's enemy and asked for his help in taking revenge on Halis after that...

I mean according to the leak of the Russians she is Halis's wife Orhan and akin's mother but not Okkes's sister at all he helps her to take revenge on Halis and Hatice 😁not her brother 

She is Okkes's sister in front of Akin only, this is in the custody of the Russians 🤗. 

▪︎ Ferit korhan (my favorite character) is not like the heroes we are used to in most series (the hero who represents the perfect man)

▪︎ A fictional character that can represent any human being (reckless, indifferent, err, injure). 

▪︎ But with the passage of time he changed and became mature, intelligent, courageous, loyal, strong, aware, aware of his mistakes, responsible (especially during the last episodes his development became noticeable by all)

▪︎ Defending his love and adhering to his marriage even though he was raised without the love of an orphan (emotionally). 

▪︎ His pure and kind heart, his defense, his help, his protection of all members of his family without exception, although they are the most harmful people to him (forcing him to marry, applying moral violence, exploiting him physically, reducing him, breaking his self-confidence, neglect on the part of his parents, conspiracies ....) Despite all that he went through because of them, but he still rejoices for their joy and grieves for their sadness. 

▪︎ From Ferit Korhan reckless to Ferit Korhan sophisticated (totally) par excellence.

▪︎ The head of the Korhan family, although he is the youngest, will still be shocked by a lot, but he will not fall, and if he falls, he will rise again because he is self-aware and learned from his mistakes, and this is the most important, one thing that has not changed in him and that is his affection (and will not change). 

Thanks to the representation of the creator Mert Ramazan Demir, who gave the character a special imprint that deserves all the awards for his endless creativity, Mashallah (but unfortunately he is oppressed in the media). 

As for Papa Kazim really a genius actor who can in a moment make us cry with him and in a moment insult him and hate him 

The scene is his crying I loved him very much how much Kazim was able to convey his feelings towards Hattuc and that she is his mother and more and he was like a child who does not want to be away from his mother

— Ifakat, the down fall;

After years of waiting for her time to come, enduring and sacrificing her own happiness, conspiring and turning her soul dark and making herself believe in a greater reward.

She was slapped by the reality.

Nothing can compensate the time lost.

Happiness was within her reach but her greed blinded her judgement and now she lost everything, it was all for nothing.

I love how when she talks she blame no one but herself - the awakening - 

It was her own choices and decisions that lead her there, and now she regrets.

She failed herself.

If people who she wronged didn’t ask for accounts “yet”, her inner self does.

To judge oneself is the hardest condemnation.

- She never thought she will reach menopause this fast; she hid her desire of becoming a mother deep inside her, but she never lost it, she thought she still has time - later, when everything is perfect, but later never came and she wasted her life and her youth prisoner of the Yali walls running after an illusion.

- She compensates for her lost desire with “love” for Fuat and Ferit, the truth is she was selfish - she stole motherhood from Gulgun, and she was not even worth the trust and responsibility, she satisfied her ego and abused of those children in every possible way, she destroyed and broke the whole family from the father the mother to the children.

And not only that;

She always used children, having children, and being a mother as a tool, as a weakness to break marriage and manipulate others.

She did that with Orhan and Gulgun and their kids

She did that with Ferit by sending him Sultan.

She did that with Asuman encouraging Fuat to have an affair and an illegitimate child.

She gave pills to Seyran and then supported university to delay her pregnancy.

She used Pelin and her child to break SeyFer.

She is doing it to Suna and Kaya…

Shehmuz said; “it’s unfair for a woman like you not to have a child”

Shehmuz sold her a dream - hope.

But the reality will hit her harder, from controlling and manipulating everyone and playing with everyone’s life using their weakness to being played and fooled.

She will pay for everything she did; knew and controlled by everything she didn’t know and out of her control.

Exposed and in regret; the issue won’t the timing and being able to be a mother or not, the issue is to be worthy of it.

Realising that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother, not that she is not able to is what will break her. The real injustice is to have her for mother.

She is like a bright morning spring he said, beautiful like seasons.

But not all flowers bloom in spring, some fade - when did she bloom last, or will she ever? 

I love this Seyran, the one that feels safe to express her love. 🥹🤍✨

She prepared and pampered herself to look extra beautiful for Ferit, and was acting extra coquettish, showing more her love and affection after what she knew from Pelin. Seyran trusted Ferit already, their love overcame every challenge and they were rewarded with the truth.

Ferit not knowing what’s happening, he is mesmerised by her beauty like always, he sees her coquetry and thinks it’s just because she misses him, he is always responsive to her anyway, always ready to love her and to be loved by her, he was enjoying it so much and lets her. 

But girl was really on fire spoiling her man, she was not holding back and left him out of breath… to the point of willing to forget about the whole wedding and take her from there. ❤️‍🔥

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