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Yaban Cicekleri Episode 2 Summary and Photos

Yaban Cicekleri Episode 2 Summary and Photos

Yaban Cicekleri 2 English
Yaban Cicekleri Episode 2 English Subtitle

Yaban Çiçekleri Episode 2 Summary and Photos 📸 

Yaban Cicekleri Episode 2 English Subtitle

Ela is having trouble coming to terms with what happened and blames herself for not being able to be there for her father. Kılıç, on the other hand, tries to support Ela. When Kılıç announces that Osman Fevzi committed suicide, Nurten returns to her home and wants everything to go back to the way it was. A confrontation takes place between Nurten and Berna. Who will be the winner of this confrontation? Osman Fevzi's lawyer calls Ela, Kenan, Nurten and Kılıç to explain the will. Ela is very angry when she learns the reason why Kılıç is also in the will. Meanwhile, İhsan's son Gökhan, who returned from abroad, manipulates Ela and partnership steps are taken. However, Kılıç resists this and turns things around.


The new ATV series called Yaban Cicekleri has started to meet with the audience. The series, the first episode of which aired on Monday evening, stars Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora.

We see that Akın Akınözü, who appeared in front of his fans with the character of Kılıç, created a great wave of excitement on social media again.

However, when we look at both the first episode ratings of the series and the viewing rates of the first episode on youtube, it seems that Akın Akınözü fans showed less interest in the series than expected.

With its first episode aired on Monday evening, March 25, Yaban Cicekleri 2 series achieved very low rates in all audience groups. Ranked 19th in the all-persons category, 22nd in the ABC1 group and only 31st in the ABC group, Yaban Cicekleri 2 series does not look very good.

The ratings of the first episode of the series, which aired on youtube, achieved just over 1.3 million views in a period of 3-4 days. While this viewership is good for an ordinary production, it shows a lower than expected interest for Akın Akınözü's highly anticipated new series.

This situation of Yaban Cicekleri 2 series means that domestic series fans are not interested in the project enough or are not yet aware of it.

However, fans of Turkish TV series abroad want the Yaban Cicekleri 2 project to be successful. We observe that Akın Akınözü's fans abroad are also trying to be effective on social media in order for the project to be successful.


Akın Akınözü fans are excited about the Yaban Cicekleri 2 series, which started on the ATV screen last Monday evening. Akın Akınözü, who is a skater with Aslıhan Malbora, plays the character named Kılıç in his new project.

It is also understood from his words that Akın Akınözü will reveal a very different personality in his new character. The famous actor takes part in the character named Kılıç.

The character of Kılıç will be reflected on the screen as an attractive, humorous and dynamic man who desires to be a strong personality and happy in his own town.

This character, who looks like an alpha male with all his energy, is also extremely ambitious about work.

Kılıç, who pays attention to details, is a good businessman and helpful to those around him. However, stepping on the vein of the Sword does not work very well.

Akın Akınözü said, "He is a sharp, dangerous character who can shatter when he comes out of his scabbard."

The famous actor will reveal his acting skills in the character named Kılıç and it seems that he will put a lot of effort into the character because he has to activate many different emotions in the audience through his character.

You can also understand from Akın Akınözü's words that he loves the character of Kılıç very much and does the job with pleasure.

The famous actor thinks that there are some features of himself in the character of Kılıç. Akın Akınözü said, "Of course it happens. As actors, we perform on these questions."

Explaining his favorite feature of the character, the famous actor said, "His determination to protect his values and essence."

Explaining that he was impressed by the script and accepted the role to discover this story, Akın Akınözü said that he saw the story as a surprise.

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