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Yali Capkini Episode 69 Analysis and forecasts

 Yali Capkini 69 Analysis and forecasts

Yali Capkini 69 Analysis and forecasts
Yali Capkini Episode 69 Analysis and forecasts

Yali Capkini Episode 69 Analysis and forecasts

Triller Analysis 

I will give you a brief about his idea but analysis no because as we are used to the trailer change the episode 

First of all Tarik from the first season no worries 

His return because his file is still not closed 

But what they expect is that he will help Ferit and Seyran in arresting Tayar + Tayar not a friend of anyone A trend that ki lls everyone after he finishes his career and Tarik is aware of that 

Golgon and mezide scene in the episode I remember code 2264 

Episode 64 was knowing the head of the ram and this way Ferit is close to knowing the truth about his mother 

Mezide used Gulgun in the name of Orhan because of the head 

Currently she is using it with a unique name but Gulgun's step this time will reveal her papers and do her request but she will offer her end as an offering to the family and her son 

I still think that Seyran is not sick, and because the word (trap) was mentioned in the episode, this is a direct hint that there is a trap for the Fans and the characters Good morning 😂 

Don't forget Parish likes to deal with the principle of clown, don't expect him to be in a trap 

Tayar and Esme

Everyone thought that he would kidnap Esme to get the girl

Well, we don't look at his eye features like that

Is this a look of victory for the kidnapping or a look of shock?

Is Esme's features while she is walking confident or tense?

I will not analyze his character because this is what we are waiting for. I know the reaction of Esme and Tayar when they meet

Then I can tell the story between them

But pray that he was not her boyfriend, because the events would lead to the path of what she feared would happen💀

There is a trick between the messages that come to Ferit and when he met Safet in the restaurant.

I sense a trick here and because I don't trust the trailer or Parish

Kaya wastes his life and Suna's because of his doubts

He will not give her a good response. Instead of inquiring and understanding, he will get angry and act stubbornly

No one knows the story of Safet, nor does he know what Suna lived through as far as Ferit . We hope that Kaya will not rush, because the more he rushes, the more he forces Suna to choose divorce. 

Suna was affected by the fortune teller’s words, and Hattuc’s attack on her was only a step to confirm and implement Suna’s hatred towards her and Halis.

Your turn is coming, Hattuc, peace be upon him, Tayar will take you, and he will k ill you. It does not matter, and all the women are gathering around him to ki ll him.

Something like this is moody 😡😡

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