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Yali Capkini Episode 69 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 69 With English Subtitle

Yali Capkini 69 English
Yali Capkini Episode 69 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 69 Summary and Photos

⚫These are Pelin's tests in the name and in the name of her diagnosis (obstetrics and gynecology)  

⚫ The type of Seyran disease was not determined because the doctor spoke based on Pelin's difficult condition, her birth was the end of her condition, so her condition became weak from the pregnant side and from the physical side 

I mean her last birth had a hard effect on her uterus 

But walking is great and almost pregnant 

From start to finish, the episode told us the story of an eventful situation. The incident was the kidnapping of Seyran, but it was not just that. He told us about the house we grew up in, our fears, our mistakes, our loneliness...

It started with the first scene, Seyran and Ferit were alone, no one could come to their aid, yes, again and again, everyone was late for those two children, there was not a single person they could lean on except their efforts to give each other strength in the dark of the night.

Again, they broke that curse of loneliness with the motivation to find and heal each other.

He continued with Ferit's rebellion: Why have you come, why are you here, when not even one of you has helped me, when you have not seen me, when you do not know that the bond of love is stronger than all means...

He continued with the usual traditional codes and the real villains, the polishes and the glorification of his name. With the real villains of the story, who think they can erase the pain they have condemned with power and money. With Halis and Hattuç, who do not see the three children who are dragged from place to place with the wounds caused by the ones they left unfinished, the ahs they turned into monsters.

"The personality, which cannot be a free individual, tries to exist and survive by taking refuge in someone or something. But in this way, he cannot reveal his own unique personality, on the contrary, he represses it and assumes another personality. In fact, he identifies his own interests with the interests of the powerful person he considers strong, and devotes himself to protecting his interests. As he bows down to the ruler, he fears him as if he were a god. As it bends, it bends, and as it bends, it becomes dehumanized. But the more he bends, the smaller he becomes, and finally he is thrown away by the person before whom he bowed."

These were the sentences that best summarized these three children: perhaps because they could not be free, the mistakes they fell into, their efforts to resemble those who raised them, they ceased to be themselves, sometimes they turned into copies of them, sometimes they identified their priorities with those power figures, and they were lost in the hiding of their own feelings. But now the pain was tangible, the damage inflicted by those gods was tangible.

Therefore, even if they were to break it, they would break and fall, but they would not bow down in front of those figures and turn themselves into garbage.

"Respect exists only where there is freedom... Love is the child of freedom, it has never been the child of tyranny."

They no longer had any respect or love for those who imprisoned them.

Seyran's emotional state was so real. Every detail gave me goosebumps. The feeling of being trapped in that pain was very real, as was the feeling of taking refuge only in those who truly loved and understood it. And her desire to show her injuries to her older sister, the only person she can show herself unfiltered. And his anger at Halis... And the fact that he didn't even want to see Hattuç...

But, of course, Seyran's "I'm strong, I'm not going to break down" attitude was self-destructive, and the wound he was trying to cover with the walls was bleeding, it had already gone beyond the depth that could be ignored.

The scenes were so naïve and deep that I could write a thousand words on all of them. But in a nutshell, it included the theme of finding a cure for each other and growing up. They used the projection of love, mercy, and compassion in their relationships, which they did not see. Their wounds were one, and they were no longer alone. Seyran had Ferit, and Ferit had Seyran.

That was the real power with which they could shake off all the pain on them. They fought for each other, for their love, for their bond. I always say yes, love doesn't heal, but it's a very deep motivator.

"Love is an active force in human beings; a force that separates a person from other people, breaks down walls, unites him with other people. Love helps to overcome one's feelings of separation and loneliness, yet it allows them to remain themselves, not to lose their integrity."

In the accusation that Seyran Ferit was not good in that sea of guilt, Ferit Seyran did not leave him alone in those nightmares. And they began to heal both past wounds and present wounds. Just like Ferit said, we will heal along with your wounds.

Seyran and Suna saw the wounds they experienced because of Hattuç and Kazim so tangible in this episode that they met with cruelty once again, they came out of those good family illusions. Suna held on to the hand she couldn't hold in time, even if it was late, and overcame her legacy of silence a little. And Seyran and Suna were once again sick to their stomachs because of the hypocrisy of Kazım and Hattuç. They knew that love is not only about healing wounds, but also about not opening wounds because...

And in this process, Ferit met Kazım's cold-blooded ruthlessness, Hattuç's darkened conscience, and the indifference and indifference of the people in the mansion.

Asuman is generally a character who sees the truth, but he is not someone who cares much and is motivated to solve problems. Like everyone else in that mansion, he is sometimes adorned with the illusion of power and selfishness. That's why I'm not surprised by his truthful words in the hospital, but his response to Ferit's apology in the mansion proves once again how selfish he is. While he expects the right love and respect from Ferit , he forgets the situations where he has been insensitive many times and the fact that he has never supported Ferit .

But what an excellent master of manipulation. He held everyone in the house by a weakness. He struck Halis in his weakest place, in the weakness behind his might. While you think you are a god, you listened to yourself by saying who is doing what behind your back...

In the episode, Gülgün comforted Ferit many times and seemed to be worried about Seyran, but was it real? It never was! I would call it a direct accounting of conscience. He drowned in the conscience of what he did and did not say.

The words genuine concern and victimhood directly describe the Esme of this episode. Esme was never a bad but an incomplete parent. He remained silent, leaving a legacy of his reticence, yes. But his reasons were always sound. Conditions were always challenging. Finally, he was relieved of his burdens and made his dedication to his children. He finally shook off the burdens left by this geography on his back, so that he managed to take perhaps a few burdens off the backs of his children, who were still trying to grow up.

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