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Yali Capkini Episode 70 Should Seyran Trust Tarik

Yali Capkini Episode 70 Should Seyran trust Tarik?

Yali Capkini 70 Should Seyran Trust Tarik
Yali Capkini Episode 70 Should Seyran Trust Tarik

Yali Capkini Episode 70 Should Seran trust Tarik?

Why Ferit is not telling Seyran about Mazide and Tayyar threat?

- because Seyran was traumatised by the event, actually both of them were but he is trying to protect her.

Now let’s ASSUME that Seyran didn’t tell Ferit that she met Tarik, why?

- maybe because it’s the same thing for Ferit and Seyran is trying to protect him too.

Seyran is not trusting Tarik!!!

It’s easy to judge looking only from your perspective, but it will be easier to understand if you see things from the characters perspectives.

Please I don’t understand your obsession with Tarik “helping” and why is that bothering you so much.

He needs to find a way to win Seyran trust again and he is obsessed by her,

Let’s say he knew about her illness, “helping” her will be actually trying to convince her to get the treatment, it’s not like Seyran trusted him and shared her secret with him and accepting his help, so it doesn’t matter what he tries to do - I don’t mind him knowing and when he come face to face with Ferit he might bring that up.

And let’s say he is “helping” about Mazide and Tayyar and all that revenge plan, acting as if he is trying to protect her, First this will a good thing Seyran will finally know the danger and Seyran will definitely understand why Ferit hid this from her, but at the end there will be no secret between them.

And let’s say he is “helping” because he discovered that someone is messing with her test results and she should be suspicious, this will also be beneficial to SeyFer, will reveal the truth but he won’t gain anything SeyFer are not trusting him.

Relax Yaani, SeyFer trust and protect only each other and Tarik and Saffet “help” is just an attempt to gain trust again, but it won’t work.

"Tarik, who learns about the big problem Seyran is in, takes action to help her, and this decision brings him face to face with Ferit."

It’s about the threat on Seyran from the enemy around SeyFer, not about her health he can’t heal her - the only way for it to be connected to her health is maybe if he spotted someone suspicious in the doctor office and he understood that it might me a game.

Tarik can’t be trusted, neither Saffet, he is too supposedly “helping” Ferit, it’s the same situation.

Ferit doesn’t trust Saffet but still her hear what he has to tell, Seyran won’t trust Tarik either, but maybe he will make her hear what he has to say.

Either way, at the end there will be no more secrets between SeyFer.

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