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Yali Capkini Episode 68 Will Ferit go to prison or not

Yali Capkini Episode 68 Will Ferit go to prison or not?

Yali Capkini 68 Will Ferit go to prison or not?
Yali Capkini Episode 68 Will Ferit go to prison or not?

Yali Capkini Episode 68 Will Ferit go to prison or not?

We should pay attention if a slander happened to Ferit and he was imprisoned 

Prison will walk with Ferit's case, why?  

*Ferit suffers from suffocation and seizures in narrow places and prison 

We'll see the same thing that happened to Seyran 

Seyran her father imprisoned her and beat her ⏩ more imprisoned and beat her 

*Ferit his family imprisoned him and took his home as a prison ⏩, so there is a possibility of imprisonment 

All that the writer gets to him tries to treat the character to get out the truth of her psychological disorder like what he lived

Ferit was imprisoned once. Everyone thought of adultery on his father to get him out because he doesn't like prison. The truth is that he has seizures and suffocation 

* No one asked himself a unique question was why he escapes from the balcony and escapes from the door?  it was said because of his grandfather 

Do you believe that Halis does not know that Ferit is constantly escaping from his balcony???  

Do you believe that he is not supervised by Ferit 24 hours?  

Do you believe that Halps doesn't know that Pelin used to intervene with Ferit every night?? 

No one asked himself a question, why is Halis asking Ferit to be locked in the laundry instead of his room????  

Didn't you notice that the laundry room has no entrances or exits? And Ferit's screaming increased. Although he wants to save Seyran , but if you focus on his body way and the beginning of his entry into a seizure and trying not to interfere in it to save Seyran 

I didn't notice why one time he woke up and stood on the balcony and everyone thought he was going to commit su icide!!  

Generally the next step is Tayyar, Akin's father, he will play with Ferit a game called (psychological game)  

It will drive him crazy and make him always afraid and dreaming of nightmares 

*Hutra with his messages 

* Threat but without current implementation 

* He will steal his comfort 

* He will humiliate him with a gun, and of course this is for Ferit Mad because the idea that will remain in his mind is that I will go to prison without guilt like this. 

A unique expectation for the worse he always thinks like that when he senses a bad feeling coming through his family 

Once he sensed it and it was his separation between him and Seyran 

And once he sensed it and it was a scandal going to his family 

This time, on the verge of a step, he knows the truth about his mother and grandfather, and the scandal of Assuman also arrived, 

Tayyar, Akin's father, is still studying his step, he is not moving at the moment, and his threat is constantly verbal, but actual is not.

ifakat and Halis 

I've talked about their story before, right?  

I don't feel that I will say something extra to them 

And explained to you their relationship before and her presence in the palace 

Its position and what it cares about is the palace 

Her first paper was Orhan, but don't forget that she is a partner in the middle of the company with Orhan, so her stupidity is still going on. 

She tries to threaten Halis to come back but the biggest shock is that the palace became the property of the person you hate the most if you try to ki ll Seyran of rancor 

Because she kil led Fazila to own the palace. 

And Seyran is currently the owner of the palace but her plan towards Seyran will fail 

Her stupidity will be her end 

but we are waiting for her secrets about halis she will come out 

Because Ifakat is the kind that holds the neck of every person 

I mean, we are still continuing to present its scandals and then its end.

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