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Yali Capkini Episode 68 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 68 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini 68 English
Yali Capkini Episode 68 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 68 English Subtitle

Trailer analysis. 

We make it expectations because there is no analysis so we wait for the episode safely 

* The story of her illness is a possibility of pregnancy / he will ask her to continue and remain in danger and does not come down for her safety / the possibility of hiding from them.

*I have already said the episode that passed Parrish hinted that in parallel to the travel of Ferit and the joining of Seyran Bey, we see Seyran will travel and Ferit will follow her or not

*The Assuman scandal is the beginning of Korhan's curse will come upon him because the one who loves reputation and the fake face the most, everyone will race for his scandals in turn 

Asuman + ifakat + Gulgun 

Lying, betrayal and slander will be broadcast live to all 

And I also told you a hint that Parrish will work parallel to Halis, he will have a stroke and the possibility of a coma this time, but not before he sees everything with his own eyes. 

The scandal of Asuman is the one who talks about honor and she drank from Korhan like them 

Seyran has something for God every time someone makes her sad the world comes to him πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

* Abu Akin Tayyar, as we have clarified, is still not understood his intention, who indicated the life of Kazim and Korhan, and he was in all these years and why everyone expected that he was dead.

* Drawing indicates her suffering for herself painted who lived, drawing is the way of the mind of the person and bad or good things, but did not deny the virtue of Ferit and painted that he is the only one who struggled with everything and looking for her, his presence on her comes light with her for her life, but the question remains Is she accustomed to that there is someone who loves her and helps her to revive herself, and does not feel that she is heavy on him and his grievance with her in her situation de ?? 

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Let's analyze together the words of the doctor and link it to the scene of Ferit and the message that came to him

1: From the words of the doctor here, and how did they notice after a while, in my relative this has no explanation other than that it is a pregnancy

Because if a disease in the abdomen is not observed and known only by tests, rays or sonar, then how can Seyran notice that she has a disease on her own like this without detection??

2: There is no Turkish series that endures the drama of a chronic disease of the heroine, neither productively nor as a composition, because it is certain that Barish does not have sufficient medical information to let him be able to write a need like this unique when his diabetes disease came down in episode 6 They answered that he took insulin if he wanted to kill him, he would not work like thisπŸ˜‚, so Parish is medically ignorant of this

He is very good and good at mental illnesses, but physical illnesses and these things he doesn't know how to write well, and these are not the dramatic lines that he likes to make, and the proof is that after a couple of episodes he forgot about diabetes at Ferit completely. This is in addition to the fact that when he first came back in the second part, he suddenly eased Ferit's hand alone. He likes the drama of conflicts and revenge, not chronic diseases and this atmosphere

3: Seyran's illness will not benefit the events or drama in anything, because that's it, we saw her bad mental state and we saw a unique fear for her and the anxiety and concern of everyone in her. This is in addition to Hattuc writing to her the palace, so that's it, her illness will be of what benefit 

Well, what will pregnancy benefit the events? 

1: This pregnancy will keep the biggest motivation for Seyran that she excels and comes out of where she is and will strengthen herself in order to keep the baby to her belly.

Seyran was collapsed and as soon as Ferit came before her and said your silence makes me feel like a hug, talk, she walked for a moment and asked about her mother, but she immediately realized and stood on her leg and hugged him, and strengthened herself to support him, so she will also work like this for her child, this will keep the need to get her out of the psychological state in which she is for her child.

2: If pregnancy is in danger because of the poor health of Seyran , whether it remains because of the kidnapping because of the violence of her father, whatever this is a very sweet dramatic line, and all people are waiting for it from the beginning of the part and the events will benefit from many needs. 

3: Tayyar's threatening letter to Ferit with his son, who Ferit is supposed to know anything about him, he is supposed to do whatever he can to protect Seyran and the baby in her womb.

I also see that the coincidence of the scene of the doctor's words with Tayyar's message about the son is the biggest proof that there is pregnancy and kidnapping of the child.

Regarding the time period, and my mother got pregnant in this last interest of Parish, and he does not have logic in this situation, and we all know Pelin was supposed to be pregnant from one month and she was born one month the year after that, no and he answered that she gave birth before the date and the baby lung with his lungs is complete, so he has tampering with this situation and we are his normal lapse.

This is other than that the pregnancy could have happened at any normal time because they did not specify how long they separated from each other in the first place 

regarding that if he got pregnant why does the doctor say that they were late or something like that this might be something related to the danger of carrying a walk I will post this topic alone

In the end these are all opinions and personal analysis from me that may be right or wrong 

Tell me what you think about what I said and do you think that it is possible to get pregnancy or disease and why.

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