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Yali Capkini Episode 74 Suna’s fate in the season 3

Yali Capkini 74 Suna’s fate in the season 3

Yali Capkini 74 Suna’s fate in the season 3
Yali Capkini Episode 74 Suna’s fate in the season 3

Yali Capkini Episode 74 Suna’s fate in the third season

Some think that Kaya and Suna are birds of love 

And some think that Abidin and Suna are the birds of love 

Question? For you Suna, what do you want? 

Is love for you a smile or a hug?  

Finn the bumps Finn tests! 

All this is not supposed to be going through in order to be able to determine what love will come from any party!  

The first word she uttered in the height of her fear Abidin !  

I pronounced it because Abidin occupied her thinking. 

When she saw Kaya, she worried about him and was angry about his crazy behavior that he did when he went to Tarik, is it for you that she worries about him because he occupies her thinking or her concern that she will remain a widow and return to her father's house!!  

If we are going to define love between the two in this way then this way we are mocking the value of love 

Abidin and Kaya are a negative base on themselves

But they are a positive message for Suna 

Her journey in searching for herself she thought that love comes after marriage and marriage comes after freedom 

Everything that is mentioned is wrong in wrong 

Life experienced its setback and succeeded in not weakening and facing anyone who causes it psychological or moral ill behavior it started to know how to talk and act with a mentality 

Kaya with his first setback he fell in a test although he has a higher perception than Suna 

That's why I always say that the relationship of Suna and Kaya is a relationship that is not good for love and there is no logical understanding regarding love between them  

But it works for friendship. Their friendship wins. I love it very much, the relationship of brotherhood and charity that unites them

Give me a discussion as a husband and a sticky between them ended with understanding?  It's over, either hurting or doubting

Give me a discussion as a friend and girlfriend between them ended in hurting?  He ended with a smile and understanding 

Their relationship as marriage is built on wrong bricks 

And Abidin is waiting for a love relationship between him and Suna as long as he is silent, even if I speak, this does not indicate that she will leave Kaya and run behind him wrong. 

Currently she accepts life between her and Kaya and surrenders to her order but will the next test for their setback be strong they will bear or will it be a hard explosion 

Although he helped her eliminate Saffet, they are standing behind each other crucifixing two strangers!!  

Your love for the duo makes you forget that the series is not a side of love or wish fulfillment 

The trio of countries their conflicts are lost 

Kaya's life is mysterious but he has a violent reaction when he is angry 

Abidin's life is mysterious and his life is all weapons and black color 

Suna is lost between them, she is the only one who changes and tries to find herself, but what can lead her to a doctor to the point that the doctor will pity her more than anyone!!  You will see what Tani!!  

My point of view as Suna's logic is that you are not looking for love 

Suna after she recovers she works and depends on herself and leaves love and marriage to her destiny to choose for her this time 

Without running for something and choosing it by wellness

In fact Suna and Abidin are in a real ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love relationship like Ferit and Seyran.

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