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Yali Capkini Episode 74 Discover Seyran disease

Yali Capkini Episode 74 Finally, he discovered what Seyran disease is

Yali Capkini Episode 74 Discover Seyran disease
Yali Capkini Episode 74 Discover Seyran disease

Yali Capkini Episode 74 Finally Find Out What Seyran Disease Is 

The secret revealed by Halis, "Orhan is alive" raises more doubts about what Halis has in store of other secrets

Is Amin also alive? 

Does Halis have a connection to Seyran's disease if it's a game? 

Why did Halis bring ifakat back to the palace and put her at the head of the company even though he supposedly became known for the association of ifakat and Sehmuz

We all know that Seyran won't die "now at least"

But Suna forgot that Seyran still has 4 years to die according to doctors' estimates if she undergoes treatment 

She has at least 10 months if she does not undergo treatment

Yali Capkini Episode 74 New leaks

After Seyran faints, an ambulance will come to the palace and carry two 🩹🚨 cars

Ferit will follow her in the car while Suna will accompany her in the ambulance 🚑

They're going to get her into the hospital and she's going to do a scanner. 🩻

And he will come out in the tests that she suffers from stomach 🥴🥴😂😂😂😂😂 germs

I mean Seyran lost consciousness not because of illness but mostly because of pregnancy

It is their way of attracting the audience. 

Seyran disease is not dangerous but only a germ in the stomach. 

I mean like her mother a disease that she inherited from Esme 

They both realized the meaning of life and its true taste thanks to each other❤️.

Each of them fills in the blanks of the other

They gave each other what they needed and found in their union what life deprived them of

complement each other ❤️

Learn lessons and reap benefits through their experiences and struggles together

Learn to be strong together and independent.

On her first visit to the psychiatrist, Seyran talked about her relationship with Ferit, their love for each other, the price, surrender and love.

Many issues were mentioned in the second visits. Her goal was "How do I tell Ferit?" 

And her desire is to spend the rest of the time peacefully away from treatment.

But in the end, I reached the point that I love life because I "escaped in it", so I hate death. In her letter to Suna, she wrote: I love you so much. And I love my father too. But above all, what I love most in life is Ferit

A spiritual source. She talked about the contradictions and surprises of life and how she loved someone whose appearance was provocative in her life. She finally said that's why I don't want to die.

Seyran learned the meaning of true happiness thanks to Ferit

The happiness that life deprived her of and Kazim injustice to her

She learned the meaning of loving herself and loving her life thanks to him

Because she found everything she once dreamed of with Ferit, and because he made her life a meaning that she wanted to preserve and hold onto.

"I want to create new memories with you"

📌 "You are the reason why I am so grateful for it in my life. Thank you so much for being in my life, for loving me and for protecting me. I love you"

That's why Seyran doesn't want to die.

You want to live with Ferit and create new dreams and memories with him

Because he gave her hope and strength to hold on to him and the beautiful serpents that await them

Isn't it🤍🤝.

📌The boat and the sea did not symbolize what we thought, it was a symbol of the end🔥

📌The end of pain and suffering🌊

The sea symbolizes healing and hope and stores secrets and mysteries

In mythology, the sea pulls the forces of evil to the bottom.

Just as the boat took the wicked and sailed them away from them

That's what I meant.

Halles knows about Seyran's🚨 disease

Seyran went to talk to Halis.

It is clear that Seyran told Halis about Tarik and London and her illness because he will certainly ask her about it or how will they agree to trap Tarik

Seyran came out crying from the room

What confirms my words is his reaction to his fainting

He doesn't seem surprised.🚨

It's clear now🚨

There will be a war between Ziaa and korhan in the third🔥⚔️ season

📌Halis' sentence, "Prevent Ferit's entry into these works." 🚨

Ziaa is committing illegal and dangerous acts

📌 "Don't speak words that Halis will swallow later." 👇

It's clear that Ziaa hates Halis👉.

This confirms my😏 suspicions.

The scene of fainting walking and creativity of Afra for him👏🔥

Let's talk a little bit about the scene.

📌My words are directed to those who underestimated Afra's acting talent

Fainting is in stages and Afraa did it as if she was giving an educational lesson about it👏🔥

Let's start: 🔥

First: Sudden loss of response capacity

📌Loss of balance and ability to respond

Seyran put her hand on the table

She can no longer stand because of her imbalance.

Suna shouted her name but did not speak because of her loss of ability to respond

Due to ischemia of the brain

And Afra did it in an excellent👏🔥 way

Then features stiffness of the body and inability to move

Then the limbs begin to spasm and stiffen

We've seen all this through Afra's performance of the scene👏🔥.

She stood in place after removing her hand from the table, stiffened, swaying left and right and moving her eyelids👏🔥 in a quick intermittent manner. 

Then comes the last stage, which is loss of consciousness, and this starts gradually.

Afra stood in her place, swaying left and right, returning back and forth in a swift and intermittent manner, closing her eyes and opening them in a quick way and blinking👏🔥. 

Last stage:

Afra began to sway and retreat back slowly intermittently and her eyes began to close very slowly as the pupil returned to the back before closing the eyes

I fell to the ground first back and then tilted to the left👏🔥 side. 

Finally Afra did the scene in a wonderful way like never before

It was the most realistic fainting scene I've seen so far.

Read carefully to realize how great Afra's acting talent is. 

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