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Yali Capkini Episode 74 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 74 New leaks

Yali Capkini 74 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 74 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 74 New and exclusive leaks 

I want to comfort the hearts of the followers of Yali Capkini series and tell you that the reason for Seyran's fainting is the tension and pressures that she went through are not easy, Seyran lived injustice and violence from a young age from the father was from the husband as you remember the first night of Ferit and Seyran after the wedding discovered Ferit relationship with Pelin do not forget the biggest shock she went through recently is Mazide that she got used to psychologically and morally. 

The important thing my loved ones is to move to leaks 

First, Seyran is not a patient, Tarik the liar is the one who invented the idea of the disease in order to get Seyran , after the tests, Seyran will be pregnant with twins and one of them may die. 

Tanya ifakat will enter a mental hospital in order to escape from prison and get rid of her niece. 

Orhan will take charge of the company and his life will improve for the better with Halis. 

Assuman will take ifakat's place and become as evil as she is. 

Kazim and Esme will live as a loving couple 

Ferit will become an entrepreneur and his business will succeed with Seyran (the Seyfer design company) 

Finally, the new enemy of the korhan family will be kount Zia, the enemy friend. 

Do I complete the rest of the leaks ؟؟؟؟؟

Who lost his dreams 

And who lost his principles 

And who won himself 

And who won his principles 

Esme and Kazim 

An example of a strong woman being everyone can respect her in all ways 

And Kazim lost it to the extent that she is still on his responsibility 

But an idea that is up to her in order to fill a box and not something else and I am shocked that he lost her and he became the humiliated and she is the master of herself 

The theory of being valuable to yourself proves 

Weak men love those who are weaker than themselves.

Suna..  She returned to her♡ country 

She met herself and herself. 

She was able to face all her fears and fear is essential 

The idea that she takes out everything that she has in it and tells about an important point (your mind can use it badly in the right or wrong)  

Do you remember when she told you her story? 

Lost in the countries of the West and now she has reached her ♡♡ country 

Suna's journey ended with weakness and loneliness 

She has come to appreciate herself, her value and herself. 

And I understood that life is not centered on (the man)  

Life is self-centered 

She accepts everything, life gives it to him 

Step by step, she has become not racing with the current, she has become calm and balanced mentally and intellectually, waiting for the next to her, what she will do!! 

Don't forget, we are waiting for her appointment with the doctor ♡ 

But it is enough that she faced a basic fear. 

Seyran , Tarik was able to break into the walls of the doctor and said it directly, "You want to die because you hate yourself."  

And this is the point that the psychology made clear to you that she is clearly resigned to the death of haters because she is alive 

But she understood herself that life has another chance, not to escape. 

She finished her hesitation, surrender and fear 

And its new phase will begin 

But we consider fainting a watershed after a struggle with psychological pressures that she lived harshly 

A break point to comfort her tired eyes from the intensity of what she saw of events and conflicts ♡ 

Mother and daughters 

They broke the rule of fear and weakness of the soul 

To write their new story by themselves, no crying, no loneliness. 

They are the women who make life and are capable of everything ✨👌🏻.

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