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Senden Once Episode 1 English Subtitles

Senden Once Episode 1 With English Subtitles

Senden Once Episode 1
Senden Once Episode 1 English Subtitles


The filming of the series "Senden Önce", produced by D Media and which will be released soon, has started in Şile.

The first introduction of the series, in which Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya will give life to completely different characters, also increased the curiosity about the story with its mysterious scenes.

Alp Navruz fans are eagerly waiting for the new project. Alp Navruz, who has had a good experience with effective roles so far, will try to convey very different emotions to the audience with the character named Hakan.

Mentioning that the character of Hakan is very different from the characters he has portrayed so far, Alp Navruz also went into the details of the story and shared the following information:

"Hakan is one of the very wealthy families in Turkey who are interested in the construction industry. When we look at it, he is a strong person, but he is actually a character hungry for love. She was raised with maternal love and family love. That's why he's a person who longs to start a family. But as we saw in the introduction, the situation is actually a little different... When you look at it, there is a situation between two women, but; In fact, there are bombs very deep in the story. Each episode a strange bomb explodes. Let's just say that Hakan is someone we can love more in this story."

Talking about the reason for taking part in the TV series project Before You "Senden Önce", the actress stated that her preference for different characters is related to career management.

"I've played a wide variety of characters before. As a matter of career management, I take care to choose different characters. The character of Hakan is also very different and I feel very comfortable. Apart from that, I was very excited as I read and listened to the story. These were enough for me to accept it."


Work continues intensively for the new Kanal D series called Senden Önce. The series, which is expected to meet the audience in the near future, has a story that is a candidate to surprise the viewers every week.

We will see two female leads in the series Senden Önce, where Alp Navruz will be on the screen with a very different character that he has not played so far. Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya will appear in front of their fans with two strong female characters in the series.

Although it is seen as the story of a rich man caught between two women, the story of the Senden Önce series has aspects that will affect the audience very much.

Nilperi Şahinkaya will play a strong female character named Sahra in the series. Underlining that it is a project with many surprises, the actress explained the following about the series Senden Önce:

"Our series is already full of surprises. Our story begins at the end of the first chapter. In Sahara, he is already a character with a lot of surprises. She's very manipulative, she's very dark, she's tough, she's strong."

The audience, who noticed that there was a mysterious situation between the two women in the first trailer of the series, were surprised by the following words that the character of Sahra said to Merve:

"If I seduce your husband, I will do my thing. If I don't make it, you won't see me again. Are you in?"

This phrase was also talked about a lot on social media. Nilperi Şahinkaya, drawing attention to this scene, said, "I can say that there is a mysterious situation between those two women and nothing is as it seems. As I said, we have a story with a lot of surprises."

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