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Yali Capkini Episode 65 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 65 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 65 With English Subtitle
Yali Capkini Episode 65 With English Subtitle


Yali Capkini Episode 65 English The arrival of Hattuç is a harbinger of a complete change in the order in the mansion. With the endless support of Halis Ağa, Hattuç begins to make his authority felt, while everyone in the house is on their toes.

As a development he learns from his doctor shakes Ifakat, he realizes that he needs to hurry up for an important decision.

While the henna preparations are going on at home, Ferit, who suspects that a retaliatory attack may come, asks for increased security measures and is justified in his suspicions.

Orhan, who wants to increase his power in the company again, does not hesitate to take drastic steps.

While the closeness between Pelin and Kaya causes new conflicts to arise, Seyran warns Pelin harshly.

Leaving the bad days of the past behind, Ferit and Seyran make each other feel their love and trust.

A terrible surprise awaits Halis and Hattuç, who are waiting for the day they will meet with years of longing, on their happiest day.

New Episode Friday 05 April at 20:00 on StarTV


The message is clear; Hattuç's arrival at the mansion is going to change everything from top to bottom. Hattuç who has received the word of 100% support from Halis Ağa, immediately starts to make her authority known, and everyone in the mansion is on pins and needles.

İfakat is shocked by what she has learned from her doctor, and she realizes that she must make a very important decision very quickly.

While the preparations continue for the henna party celebration, Ferit starts to fear the possibility of a retaliatory attack wants to increase all security, while he suspicions are proven to be correct.

Orhan who wants to once again gain power in the company, does not hesitate to make firm moves.

As the new closeness relationship between Pelin and Kaya starts to cause new arguements, Seyran does not hesitate to give Pelin a very stern warning.

Ferit and Seyran are determined to leave the bad days behind them, and move forward with the trust and love that they feel for each other.

Halis and Hattuç who have been waiting many years for this union to take place, on their most happiest day there is a horrific surprise that awaits them.

New Episode air's Friday 05 April @ 20:00 on StarTV


Although Yali Capkini Episode 65 series, which is broadcast on Friday evenings with the audience on the Star TV screen, was the project that made the best debut last season, it faced a serious loss of viewers in its second season.

The second season of Yali Capkini 65 series, starring Afra Saraçoğlu and Mert Ramazan Demir, came to the fore with falling ratings and viewers' criticism of the story. The underlying reason for the show's decline in ratings seems to be that the changing story of the second season did not satisfy.

The fact that some characters were dragged to a different point compared to the first season was another important factor that confused Kingfisher fans.

Overseas sales of the series are going well. Distributions continue to be made by Ecco Rights. Information that Handan Özkubat, the company's manager in charge of Turkish TV series, said words about the 3rd season was also reflected in the internet media and social media.

For Handan Özkubat's Yali Capkini Ep 65 series, the words "It has reached a level of phenomenon that we have not seen in any Turkish TV series so far" are being talked about a lot on social media.

Özkubat also states that the fan base is expanding around the world as well as the viewers in Turkey and said, "The success of the Yali Capkini 65 series does not slow down and we are looking forward to what will happen in the 3rd season."

These words, which spread to the internet media, were reflected as the continuation of Yali Capkini series in the future. 

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