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Yali Capkini Episode 70 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 70 New leaks

Yali Capkini 70 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 70 New leaks

Yali Capkini 70 New leaks

The beginning of the episode, Ferit points the weapon at Tarik, and Tarik also takes out the weapon and aims it at Seyran , and asks Ferit to leave Saffet in exchange for him leaving Seyran .

In leaks it says that Kaya will come from behind and take the weapon from Tarik, and then they will take him to the garage to interrogate him and question him about the Tayyar , and who the Tayyar is.

Tayyar is Suna’s father. He told Esme that Suna does not resemble Kazim, and this confirms that she was pregnant by Tayyar before marrying Kazim.

For myself, I liked the episode moderately, because it should guide me through the events before the last 4 episodes, and it will start to escalate from the next episode, so I consider it a preliminary episode for what is coming.

The important thing is 🫢🏻 Enjoy the atmosphere of the end of the season, the last month and everything will be separated except for those who are steadfast like me πŸ˜‚ Two years and the third is on the way

Instead of caring too much about ratings and spreading pessimism, enjoy current moment with the cute scenes we got,last night's episode was good in general specially SeyFer scenes, don't let ratings ruin your OWN perspective, late or soon the show will END someday, let it be!

I just wanted to mention how much I admire Abidin recently! he's always there for Ferit, his closest friend and older brother, he does literally anything whole heartedly for him without any expectations I love the bond he has with Ferit, wish him the best life❤️ AbSun

69-FAV1 - a beautiful seyfer scene but with a very sad undertone at the same time❤️πŸ’” I expected to feel happy to see this scene or other #seyfer scenes but instead I felt sad. A gloomy future, the short time Seyran has with Ferit, unfulfilled life of a young abused, tortured and now terminally ill girl. 

Seyran looked around and saw all the surprises he did for her but her life is too short to enjoy them. It doesn’t matter if she is really sick or not at this point, this scene set the sad undertone of the episode right away; a sad story for the main lead who is destined to die and doesn’t tell anyone but her enemy knows about her sickness! Does the writer or the producer think πŸ’­ that watching a constantly painful story for the main leads is sustainable by audience specially after what we watched in season 2?

As for the survivors of a deadly disease, it is a sad story for them to watch, because they are reminded of the sad experience. 

It was a beautiful scene but with a sad undertone at the same time from the beginning of the episode. 

The issue of Abidin and his engagement to Aysen is just something to move the palace faster.

Suna cries over the things she did not get because of an injustice that happened to her!

Why did the engagement not happen until after Saffet returned?

Because the real wound in Suna’s heart is that he left her without sin when she married Saffet .

What is the difference between you and Saffet ?

One of them left me without fault, and the other is obsessed with me and sick!

I cry for myself... for my life that I did not live as I wanted.

I did not choose anything, and the only man I chose for myself does not love me and betrayed me (you fool, Suna).

But in fact..

Story ended.

I will not run away to him or with him, fate has changed

Now my heart is burning for myself for the first time

Saffet is waiting for me, fate has not changed, the past is chasing me.

I couldn't be happy.

I did not stop the cycle of death and I lost everything

Also Kaya betrayed me.

But fate changes, someone may love someone with all their heart, and love again.

Gives hope again, feels again.

At some point, Suna will find herself outside the "triangle" she was in..

Because the real triangle is Saffet and Abidin .

Why did you leave me without sin?

Because our fate is different, Suna.

Abidin's story is much older than Suna's. Much older than the brown-haired woman.

You will always be in his life (yes), but it will never be the same.

The engagement did not stop, but perhaps the marriage will not take place and not because of Suna!

Kaya will not be separated from his wife, who does not believe his love and constantly accuses him of cheating!

Kaya, I heard you telling your mother that you don't love me.

But when Suna apologizes to Aysen , the whole matter will end.

A triangle will not remain - Abidin Aysen and Suna.

No one loves me, Abidin left me, Saffet is obsessed, Kaya is a traitor (I will see, Suna, while I am still talking and you will not discuss it), and Ferit , thank God, is not my destiny (you are afraid of him in the first place).

Will I be left alone, crying for what I could not live?

What about the cup of coffee you spilled?

What cup of coffee? What about Ferit ?

Or what about Kaya?

As I remember, Suna never accepted Abidin’s coffee?

Suna must trust Kaya, in order for his dream to come true.

As for nostalgia, memory, the things that Abidin could not live will all die.

When Abedin, who has no family, dies, and the true king awakens.

Abidin Korhan.

Note: I love all the characters and I have no problem with any scenario. This is just my opinion and I do not belong to any group because I love all people. Thanks.

Saffet , when Suna and Ferit came, said the numbers 33, 34, 35

33-The four Ferit Seyran and Suna Abidin’s escape from Suna Saffet’s wedding + Fuat’s death

34-Threat message + first relationship + official Suna marriage

35-Their escape plan failed ◀️ Gaziantep

If we say from 33◀️ the cause of Fuat’s death will be revealed


35◀️Instead of escaping, they will leave the palace together


Ferit He's soo baby and extra clingy around Seyran I'm sure he'll be jealous even of their future child HSHSHJ he's gonna be like :" look ,your mom is always mine , i had been in her life before your arriving,say you don't take her time more than me and let's announce ceasefire" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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