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Yali Capkini Episode 70 Expectations and leaks

Yali Capkini 70 Expectations and leaks

Yali Capkini 70 Expectations and leaks
Yali Capkini 70 Expectations and leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 70 leaks and Expectations 

* Do you think Fekriye is stupid because she deals with it alone?

* Or do they believe that she is not aware of Ifakat betraying her at any moment?

* Fekriye has secrets right and left

She doesn't just move Ifakat , she moves someone else

She is the one who made Ifakat and knows that she is like a snake, and the poisonous snake will one day eat the hand that feeds her.

Ifakat’s move like this created danger for her because she accused herself twice of killing Fazila and Fekriye 

** We will find out who the hidden person is. His fate will become clear because he will deal alone without guidance from Fekriye 

I wonder who he is...?

New leaks Yali Capkini Episode 70

The police will search for Ifakat 

Ferit will learn about Seyran’s illness in the next episode 70, and the scene will not be the end of the episode, because the end of the episode will be of Ferit and Seyran walking around in Gaziantep💖


Suna and Abidin will get back together and Abidin and Aysen will not get married

According to what the leaker said

Tarik and Seyran’s meeting is not a meeting as we think, but rather about following Tarik and Ferit is also there to find out the truth🔥

We have a scene in the bathroom, where Ferit is taking a shower, so you can watch it and then there is a joke between them🛀

The trailer... is explained, meaning it is not mysterious and will be dramatic

* She will not talk about her illness, she will talk about her psychological condition

* Mazide reminds me of the proverb, “He kil ls the dead man and cries at his funeral.” She wants blood money for her son, that is, in exchange for her son’s death, and she is the reason for his death.

But this time, Halis is under siege because Mazide is in his hands, and he might hand her over to the police, or he will hide from everyone that he met her, and thus a point will be counted for him and Gulgun in front of Ferit, and his hatred for them will increase.

The entire trailer twists and turns on the same circuit

Yali Capkini Episode 70 predictions

• There is a possibility that Aysen will end his role

• Ifakat’s madness will increase and she will begin to expose herself

• Akin died, murdered, not a suicide/oh because of Tayar, oh because of the unknown person

• Currently, everyone is under each other’s suspicions, and everyone is making accusations against the other, and the game is still on each other’s faces.

• We hope that Barış takes advantage of the upcoming episodes correctly, and may God grant us salvation

📍: Actors who will not be in season 3: (They have not signed on for season 3)

- Taro (Kaya).

- Sezin (Esme).

- Pucci (Pelin).

- Chitin (Halis).

- Turgut (Sehmuz).

- Bushra (Beryl, Pelin’s cousin).

- Oznur (Assuman).

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