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Yali capkini episode 70 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini episode 70 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini 70 expectations and analysis
Yali capkini episode 70 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini episode 70 expectations and analysis

My analysis of episode 70

• I may have understood Parrish's point of view of Seyran's phantom disease is cutting Tarik's hopes from the story of his reunion with Seyran (from Tarik's point of view)  

And the story of Ferit destruction (from Ferit's point of view) 

What is this talk?  

• Tarek knows that Seyran is tired. Well, if we assume that the analysis is wrong in the name of someone else, and the diagnosis is correct, but for another patient, and Seyran is pregnant like this. As for Tarik, the pregnancy will hold a grudge against him (and kill him), but now he is looking and running to help her, and everyone is making him hopeless. That's it, Seyran for him, a temporary period that ended with him and ends life. His madness increases and he refuses to believe that she is not good so he lives on a whirlpool looking for a cure for her and she is good 

• While she is living in psychological treatment first 

• As for Ferit we saw him, he went into a bout of drunkenness and collapse when she was kidnapped or heard her voice in Record 

What do you think when he knows that she is tired and says goodbye.???  

«This is the point that I have told you a lot about the character of Ferit previously needs to experience her loss more deeply, in order to get out of the framework of attachment and accept that death is written for all of us do not benefit our lives remain attached to a person as if God forbid his death or illness 

• The point here is that Parrish wants to live Ferit the most terrifying and heavy feeling he experienced with Pelin in the hospital 

Here he will live it with fixed points 

«I went to several doctors, all of them the same words / the idea that he lives with her and he knows her specific time, and I do not want the night to shorten nor the day to be saved / the idea that he is not happy with her even when she is next to him and laugh fear affects him / the idea that the lover of life salvation walks !!  All thoughts will attack his mind and will be terrifying than the idea that she was kidnapped, at least the kidnapping had hope to return to her, but death is unique and does not know convinced of the idea of fate and destiny and no idea of optimism for good you will find it 

Ferit when he is afraid and tense his mind is pessimistic and closed 

And this we have seen now and he wants to catch Mazide instead of informing the police and guarding his wife and insisting on going with her his focus is that he catches Mazide and Tayyar in order to live comfortably, this ferit the increased pressure on his mind remains I want to finish it first and then live as a normal person ...  

her illness will know him alone to see his reaction 

We saw Tarik's refusal to accept the idea of her tiredness 

What do you think of Ferit !!  

.. This is my point of view regarding the current events. I tried to look for logic. This thinking came to me..

The scene of the guards who disappeared is behind a secret 😅 

Tarek Ferit will leave him and leave after he insults him. Surely he will not order the guard to imprison him because there are no guards or there is no guard at Parish 😅😅

By the way, the scene of Ferit, Saffet and Kaya 

*.. Ferit is missing something called brain operation a little bit 

Because if we turned the situation upside down and Kaya took a walk to Tarik Ferit would have cut Kaya's hand and leg 

So it is not right to force someone to do something and forget that he was the cause of this person's pain one day 

Ferit's personality hasn't improved 100% yet

But he still has a bad point in him 

He forgets how this person suffered and he doesn't care except to finish what concerns him and his wife and this is wrong 

It is not permissible for you and forbidden for others Ferit 😅

*.. Mazide and Halis I think I will lie to you if I clarify their scenes 3 seconds ago they appeared in it together!!  

*.. Mazide anyway her goal is not Hatice but her goal is to sit in front of this sitting 

*.. Blood money is the expectation of the end of the season with the sacrifice of someone again and clashes again 

«Cup of tea concluded with the words I wrote» 


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