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Yali Capkini Episode 70 Will Abidin Return to Suna

Yali Capkini Episode 70 Will Abidin Return to Suna

Yali Capkini Episode 70 Will Abidin Return to Suna
Yali Capkini Episode 70 Will Abidin Return to Suna

Yali Capkini Episode 70 Will Abidin Return to Suna

Preparations for the wedding of Abidin and Aysen, and of course as long as there is a wedding, we certainly know that the concerts of Korhan in general and the entire series will end in a major disaster, and who will happen this time?

According to my expectations, Tarik will attack them and shoot, and the bullets will hit the bride, Aysan, and her role will end, because she took farewell pictures with all the actors. Thus, there will be no obstacle to Sona and Abedin's return after her divorce from Kaya 

There is love of mind and there is love of the heart and how lucky is the one who meets the lovers in his life 

Keeps this love and its continuity. Equality and boldness, without them there is no love. As a deformed, incomplete creature .

Love Suna and Abidin It's premature love. Born prematurely. Before the two mature and the ability condition is available. 

And oh from the first love First heart beat. The first shiver. The first eye shine. And the first dreams, whatever happens after that.

It remains at the extreme point of the soul,in a special closed box, we choose. To open it and look at it or to close it forever. 

Abidin I love Suna He felt with her that the impossible is possible. He felt her broken and united with his brokenness. But the reality was harsher and fiercer. 

And Abidin chose to surrender. He ran away once and did not repeat it, and did not listen to the screams of Suna. For her pain. For defending herself. It's as if Suna can do what he can't.

Do you regret it? 

Regret tears him apart day and night. 

He doesn't own anyone else. Because unfortunately he chose... I wish he hadn't dared from the beginning. I wish from the beginning he silenced his heart and turned a blind eye And respect the first accuracy and himself and Suna And finish the story before it begins.

Love doesn't need money. Love needs boldness. Is Abidin's love complete? No, and Suna loved Abidin . She loved in him who gave her value and glow after Ferit rejected and then society. She loved someone who cares about her. He asks how she feels, 

She found in him the tenderness that she didn't find in her father.

She loved the Savior who would save her from her miserable life. Which has no goal but marriage. Although Suna is from the Aga family... But she always saw herself less. When her heart beated... Her mind responded with yes.

Is Abidin sincere? 

Did 'Abidin hear her embrace her and understand her? 

Did Abidin understand that she had no guilt? 

Is Abidin qualified for her? It didn't. Suna's love is complete for Abidin ? Of course not!!

So why sadness? 

Why all this depression and tears pouring And how can we not cry for a premature boy with him the dreams of the world and its innocence and died?! 

Both did not give their hearts a chance to recover. Suna got married and wronged Kaya and Abidin was arrested out of magnanimity. 

There is a speech whose end we don't know. And so Aysen was wronged.

Suna and Abidin chose who loves them ... Choose the love of the mind Each of them has his own equivalent partner. And ready to give the precious and precious in order to make his partner happy 

Will this overwhelming love be enough? 

To heal their wounds and open their eyes to true love. Which meets the conditions of continuity Parity and boldness. 

We'll see. I have sent

Is Abidin sincere? Yes 

Did 'Abidin hear her embrace her and understand her? It happened except once and it was his only mistake 

Does Abidin understand that there is no guilt for her? Yes 

Is Abidin competent for her? Yes 

Everything they went through will strengthen their relationship in the future and they will be able to challenge everyone.

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