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Yali Capkini Episode 70 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 70 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini 70 English
Yali Capkini Episode 70 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 70 With English Subtitles

BY : Cilla Holm

Thoughts on the newest episode. When you had high expectations for things, it was actually a disappointment once again 😔.

Seyran: She disappoints you so much by not being honest with Ferit. How she snaps at him when he just cares and worries. He has twice risked his life for her. He has shown her so much love through several things, he has fought for their love time and time again. 

When they were separated due to other people's bad games, he did everything to compensate for all the pain and betrayal. He really doesn't deserve to be put in the spotlight with her health condition. I hope she will be honest about Tariq seeking her out without her knowledge.

Ferit : As he fights so mutch

to try to solve everything and find answers to the enemies & the threat that is. But why does he do everything himself. He should ask Hallis to reach out to eg the one who helped with Orhan in prison so there was more reinforcement & help. And he should make sure Abidin was around the whole time. That he is not honest with Seyran about everything is, as I said before, not wrong, she is not feeling well from her trauma, so it is not strange that he does not want to give her more anxiety, worry and fear. Yali Capkini 70 English

And he also feels that there is something else that she doesn't say that has to do with her mood. Now that he knows Tariq is out he must take greater security measures and enlist the help of those who can in his case he must turn to his grandfather.

Suna : Why doesn't she just tell Kaya we're breaking up. She will never love him. She doesn't realize that her actions and behavior towards him have caused him to do wrong things because he too has been and still is hurt. She cries over Abidin's engagement, of course she can do them, but she herself has ruined their relationship. He risked everything to run away with her when she was going to be married off, and after they came back because of Fuat's death, he said when will he pick you up and she chose to back down and was instead married off. 

There was nothing Abidin could do then, so when she said you gave up on me I felt yes no you gave up on him he tried to do everything. So I don't think she has the right to feel so hurt now.

Kaya: He says he's never the type to get jealous, but all his actions & behavior show the opposite. Why doesn't he give up on Suna when he still feels and knows she will never love him. She is just like he said all the time like ice against him.

Abidin: Understands he wants to keep his promise to Sefika & her daughter but also because he wants to find love, of course it can grow but it won't for him. So it is not kind to her or him to try to hope for something that will never happen.

Tariq & Saffet : Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as hoped for, but both of them, who are obsessed with each Sanli girl, will make things worse. How Tariq can even blame Ferit that she is sick and had to suffer and say that if she had been with me nothing bad would have happened to her then I was bursting with anger he is not exactly God's best child with his psychopathic behavior. 

If there's anyone who would make her suffer, it's probably him. He who cannot realize and accept that she never wanted him and will never want him either. Two idiots son just want to take what they want even though it would never be mutual. Saffet who thought so naively about Suna sees I want to save & protect her and she will want me OMG.Yali Capkini Episode 70.

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