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Yali Capkini Episode 71 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 71 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini 71 English
Yali Capkini Episode 71 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 71 English Subtitles

Episode 70 Analysis 

• Ferit and Seyran 

• Kaya and Suna 

• Orhan and Gulgun

• Halis and Hatice 

Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

*..  A generation that delivers a generation& a generation that teaches a generation

*.. Ferit and Seyran are a difficult epic story whose way so far is in flops, but their hands are in the hands of each other, it is enough that they will count from everything difficult = they are the generation that delivers a message that life is unstable and no matter what happens not to give up on one side teaches the other side the love of holding on to them still have flops and mistakes, but their acceptance of hearing the parties of each other unlike before (hurting without hearing) is a way to bear the mistakes of some and how to fix them and their sacrifices for each other A point of forgiveness for another

They have a theory for the future and imagination as they grow up together 

They have hopes for many things to achieve together. 

They have a dream they want to reach 

*.. Kaya and Suna have the same unique approach and walk as the beginning of their lives (not understanding / breaking in each other)  

But we will still see the point of their development will reach a final point 

The beginning or the end?!  

Lack of confidence, doubt, defamation and calibration

We lived this story with Ferit and Seyran 

But the difference is that Seyran was enough to anger Ferit , and Seyran's anger comes out, and both were angry swallowing them until they reached a final point (psychiatrist)  

We are still waiting for Suna and Kaya, their epic will it be a new love or a final end??  

Watch Yali Capkini Episode 71 English Subtitles

Ferit and Seyran have reasons to intercede for each other

Kaya and Suna do they have reasons to intercede for each other? 

If you want my opinion?  Suna List Seyran 

Suna is the character of a person who was lost in the country of estrangement she met someone to guide her to the place and he became lost like her but she returned to her country and he is still abroad alone 

We've seen Ferit's juicy spells. 

Fadel we see bouts of turning a blind eye to Kaya, but Kaya is a conscious and intelligent person and has a role model to exploit his consciousness in a heavy way, unlike Ferit a person on God his story that is on his heart on his tongue but Kaya who is in his heart does not know him and who is in his tongue is shocked (the age of calibration was not a way to share ❌)  

(His loss to Suna is because of his bad personality who started to lose control of him)  

If you see Kaya's way in a good way or comedy, or treat it in the same way, check out the episode because I am against ❌the justifications of betrayal and against the justifications of comparison, and the point is that there is no discussion, and the psychological factor is righteous, I fully justify the psychological factors!!  No to emotions at these points 

For me, Kaya is throwing away his hellish mistakes and his shame of himself if he is exposed under the heading of her feeling guilty and that she is bad to cover himself up the magnitude of the disaster (neither Ferit asked her hand is wrong, nor her previous marriage is wrong, nor her love for someone is wrong)  Yali Capkini 71 English

the principle is closed 

A girl had a groom like any girl there was no destiny 

A girl who was subjected to marriage by force without her will 

A girl loved someone and ended with him when she got married 

For what calibration does he use as a weapon??  

The way she thought about Ferit is a psychological setback that had complications, including that she surrendered herself to Ferit ??  No, when she woke up from her relapse, she returned to normal. 

The end of the story Kaya will not travel 

Hypothetically if Abidin Korhani we will be able to see the lack of real confrontation between Abi and Kaya 

Or Abidin who will leave the palace and will return to his life after his suffering as a person everyone attacks him without mercy 

*.. Orhan and Gulgun their love is harmful their sacrifices are wrong in wrong they don't count for the next step 

But they learn from Ferit and Seyran step by step 

But the first is Gulgun and Orhan they have to pay the price for their betrayal and because Halis is not a tolerant person but he gives a pinch of an ear 

And we come back and ask an important question 

Amin died in an accident, right?  What is the reason left?  

Orchestrated or fate ??  

Currently, Orhan everyone thinks that there will be an accident!  

Orchestrated or fate and destiny!!  

But I don't think this will be the origin of killing his son or putting his hand in the hands of bidding he will cut his hand or that someone threatens him 

But one step opens one step 

Orhan's story will resemble the story of his brother Amin 

*.. Halis and Hatice are hypocrites and love will never be their door their sacrifices are full of blood 

their love is psycho love 

Hatice came at the end she wants to live quietly and rest 

But life is treacherous and has no dear 

And as he said (we don't know death will swallow who next time) but the danger hovers around the palace of Korhan and the palace will change from day to night from their colors to black 

• Red signifies strong feelings and warmth and is associated with tragedy, strength and violence 

And here is ifakat in Taiz the family loves them but they used her love as love of blood They taught her how to be like them and her revenge is coming 

• Yellow indicates joy and optimism and sometimes expresses frustration, anxiety and anger, and it is one of the colors that are exhausting to look at, and some love it and others hate 

• Green expresses balance and reassurance with the outside world and symbolizes growth and eliminates anxiety and a royal and positive color 

And here they see the birth of a new life for her 

• Pink of soothing colors and emotions 

And here Hattuc is characterized by calm and fluctuations 

• White indicates change, cleanliness, purity and tranquility 

And here Suna has changed for the better with a new personality that has the ability to live with a positive outlook Yali Capkini 71 English.

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