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Yali Capkini Episode 71 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 71 New leaks

Yali Capkini 71 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 71 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 71 New leaks

Saffet told Ferit that Tayar was the man who worked for the driver's Kazim.

And of course, the current knew that it was exposed and kidnapped Esme,

Ferit didn't care to know who Tayar was because he was a traveling disease that affected him a lot and he had a diabetic attack

ifakat gets out of prison with the help of Gulgun, and will try to rescue Orhan from Mazide's hand, where she will tell Ferit that his father is in danger.Aga Halis has handed over his only son to Mazide.Fortunately Ferit will know the whereabouts of Tayar with the help of Tariq and Saffet.

Seyran and Ferit will travel to America for treatment by the best specialists.

Kaya will travel to London with his mother, and Kaya and Suna will be divorced.

Abidin will not show any interest and feelings towards his fiancée Aysen, contrary to what she shows him.She will get tired of this relationship and fortunately a new character will appear "Adam", who studies with her at the same university and they will fall in love with each other, so the way is open for a new love relationship between Abidin and Suna without any difficulties.

Hatice will never stop trying to implicate ifakat, which will make her discover the black past of ifakat (Amin killed her ex-husband, Fazila um Orhan) the latter will have no escape from prison.

Cute his secrets will be revealed.

After learning about Esme's kidnapping, Kazim will regret everything he did to her in the past and present, as this time he will permanently stay away from Zerin, and look for his wife and Ferit.

Assuman did not give the order to kill her trained boyfriend, but chose to live with him outside the country.

* Halis's steps are calm and helpless, but he is stung by the sting of a scorpion

* Seyran and Tarik are parallel to Ferit and Pelin

* Ferit is still in a spiral and continues to play hide and seek with the current

* Suna learns of her sister’s illness so that we can see her reaction because Ferit will be available and alone. One day she will be happy or has she really changed at all.

* Kaya and Saffet Kaya opens the wounds that were not closed at Suna

* Ferit , I think I haven’t heard from Seyran Barış, and the argument is a story that will never end

* Gulgun is the one who is likely to return to ifakat of the palace 😅

I previously said that as long as you watch the series, you are visiting every sick person in a hospital, as if you entered their room and everyone is talking about their suffering.

Even the servants are satisfactory

Look, the janitor is sick

Whoever writes there is also sick 😂

Its not even in a few weeks, Kaya helped!

I know thats Kaya is not everyone piece of Cake but Saffett talked because Kaya  kidnapped him, Ferit knew the truth from Saffet!

Someday soonish we will thank Kaya for doing this or maybe we will cry.

He did this because of Suna’s tears, he knew Saffet told her something related to Seyran!

The man is so in love with Suna ama neyse.

Also, I want my #AbiKay to happen!

Lets put the past behind us!

Seyran's pregnancy and time passage 🤰⏳⏲️

The story of the series from the first day makes it clear that time passes one day or a day and a half. When time passes, it says

Last episode, I had a question on my mind..

Will there be a time lapse?

Nor is it even possible.

we always ask, how did Pelo get pregnant 6 months and a half?

she got pregnant obviously in episode  17 ( first time with serter).

in 25 days ( almost 17 episodes) or maybe more days, SeyFer got together.

then after a time-passing ( not two weeks) Pelin came,

and in that time exactly, the time passing happened!

6 months and a half, this moment confirmed that Seyran is 4-5 months pregnant.

and then we walked day by day.

we knew the danger that you'd you and your daughter and Suna's safe her and her child.

the link between you and Korhanlar has always been their mommy. because Seyran simply left the Yali pregnant 4-5 months.

We know that you and your fetus were in danger and that Suna’s fetus is fine (yes, Suna is pregnant and will not be discussed).

The bond that brought you together was with us from the beginning, from the beginning of the second part.

Because simply, Seyran left the palace when she was 4-5 months pregnant, Pelin came pregnant in the sixth and a half months, and Seyran and Pelin left at the beginning of the seventh.

But Pelin was born in the middle of the 7th - 8th, so the child died (not all children of 7 survive).

Don't forget that an episode is always a day and a half or two and a half days.

The real time pass is Pelin's pregnancy.

When has it been 6 months? Since episode 17?

nobody knows.

But simply...

Pelin was born in February, after 7-8 months, meaning she became pregnant in April, then came 6 and a half months later, and less than two months later, her child died.

Consequently, she will become pregnant in May 2023

She will give birth soon in March 2024

but how?

Hidden pregnancy...a pregnancy that no one knows about until birth. It is a rare condition in which the child protects himself and hides himself, and the mother does not know that she is pregnant until labor.

Information: It has not been more than 14 days since Pelin was born

Seyran, who will become the mother of Halis' grandchildren, even came to donate blood to a woman who caused her house to be demolished repeatedly.

But this time, Seyran herself explained her pregnancy to someone who did not want her to be pregnant.

The pregnancy that concealed itself has now been revealed to someone who does not want this pregnancy to occur.

And now is his deadly chance for an innocent child.

Also, Tarik did not come to say to Seyran, “May peace be upon you, aunt.” He hated Ferit just as Jacob hated Edward and wanted to kill him.

Thanks to the person whose name must not be mentioned, Tarik did not kidnap Seyran again to travel the world with her and heal her.

But Jacob was the reason for protecting Bella, and do not forget, dear reader, his daughter Edward did not take long to become pregnant. Bella was only pregnant with her daughter for 28 days.

Jacob is here because labor is almost here.

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